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How to Do Good Makeup

How to Do Good Makeup

How do you get that perfect-looking face? Well, besides healthy living and a good skin care regimen, you need to learn how to do good makeup. Here are the steps that will show you exactly how:

  1. The preparation is just as important as the actual makeup. That's because skin that's well rested and clean responds better to cosmetics. Therefore, always get a good night's sleep and hydrate.

  2. Use quality brushes, tools, and makeup. These can make up for average makeup skills and make the result look better than if you had opted for the low-quality cosmetics and implements.

  3. Cleanse with a mild, non-comedogenic wash so that the cosmetics adhere to your skin better. Avoid harsh formulations.

  4. Moisturize your face. If you have dry skin, go for emollient-rich formulations. If your skin is oily, go for water-based ones, or you can skip this step and use powder-based foundations instead.

  5. Apply a primer to help set the makeup and make it stay on longer.

    Doing so also helps the cosmetics spread on more evenly and blend easier.

  6. Use a foundation one or two shades lighter than your natural color. If you have blemishes, choose one with great coverage. If your skin is flawless, you can go for tinted moisturizers that give sheer coverage without the cakey effect. You can also mix primer with your foundation so it stays on longer.

  7. When using cream foundation on oily skin, use a damp sponge to apply it so you get less of the oil in the cream formulation without sacrificing the richness of the pigment. If you have dry skin, apply from the center of your face and go outward.

  8. Put on eyebrow powder with a stiff-bristled, angled brush for a more natural effect. If you're using pencil, mimic the look of real hair by making small flicks in the sparse areas of your brow. Take care to apply more pressure at the root and go in the direction of your hair growth. If your brows are full, just shape or tweeze them. If they're sparse, fill them in with powder. Also, avoid choosing brow color that's too dark, as this makes you look older. Pick a hue a few shades lighter than your hair.

  9. Line your eyes from the inner corner up to the center of your upper lid. Re-dip your brush and start from the outer corner to meet the other line in the middle to create one smooth line. If you want a winged tip, start lining on the lower lash line and go outward to the outer corner. This edge should serve as your guide on how to angle the curve of the wingtip on the top lash line.

  10. If your eyes are blue, use orange, peach, or gold tones to make your irises pop out. If you have brown eyes, you can use any color, but blue and purple are the most flattering hues. If you have green peepers, go for eyeshadow colors with red undertones, like wine or deep plum hues.

  11. Contour your face by highlighting certain parts and shading others. If you have a prominent forehead, for example, shade out the outer edges of your face. If your cheeks are rounder than you like them, apply bronzer or a shade two hues darker than your skin on the hollow of your cheeks.

  12. To let your lipstick color register vibrantly, apply foundation on the whole lip before you line with a lip pencil of the same color as the lipstick. Then apply lipstick with a brush using downward motions.

In learning how to do good makeup, practice is key. In time, you'll improve your makeup applications skills and be able to beautify your face in less time and with more ease.  


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