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how to do handstands

how to do handstands

Handstands are a specific acrobatic move regarded as very important in the sport of gymnastics. Any gymnast that has good handstand skills is likely to perform better floor exercises and great balancing on the uneven bars. If you wish to be a good gymnast, you must know how to do handstands in the approved manner. Doing handstands is not only relevant to gymnasts. It is a skill very useful to hip-hop dancers, stage performers, stunt men, and even martial artists. They perform handstand exercises to promote their balance, control, whole body strengthening, and coordination. In your case, the following steps will serve as your guide in learning handstands.

  1. First strengthen your upper extremities. Performing handstands requires strong arm muscles. Your arms will serve as your feet while you are in the handstand position. Therefore, the arms have to carry the whole body weight on their own. It goes without saying that strong arm muscles are indispensable for doing handstands.

  2. Get into the handstand position.

    The best way to start is to get into handstand position with the back portion of your body parallel with the wall. The wall will serve as your stabilizer. With the help of a spotter, your legs should be kept together to prevent you from overbalancing your body.

    To do this, you have to face the wall with your hands half a foot away from the wall. Then bend one of your legs while keeping the other leg straight behind you. Push off with the bent leg and kick the other one into the air. Once your body is parallel to the wall, hold your position as long as you can. Do not worry if you feel like you’re starting to flip over; the wall will be your stabilizer.

  3. Practice in an open space with a gymnastic mat on the floor. Practice makes perfect. Doing a handstand is about balance and control. Once you get the rhythm of balance and control, you can eventually practice in a more open space without depending as much on the wall for support. Make sure that the floor is covered with a gymnastic mat or something that makes the ground soft to land on in case you fall. You can also practice on a grassy area or on the fine sands along the beach.

  4. Practice more. As you continue to practice without having to depend on the wall anymore, you can experiment with different handstand styles. To do this, stretch your hands upward while you spread both of your legs to a distance of about half a yard. Then bend forward from the waist until one of your outstretched arms touches the floor while at the same time kicking one of your feet in the air until you reach a full handstand.

  5. Always keep your body straight. Look forward rather than downward. This will keep the proper alignment of your spine and prevent your back from aching. While in a handstand, always keep your elbows close to your ears.

  6. Stay safe. If you fall from a handstand, do not just crumble and fall in any haphazard manner. When you feel that you are about to fall, keep your chin tucked into your chest and slowly roll onto the mat or floor. This procedure will keep you from getting freak injuries.

There is no special secret on how to perfect your handstand skills. This type of sports skill only requires countless hours of hard practice, not just for neophytes but also for those who are already “experienced” in doing handstands. While practicing hard, try to widen your imagination so you can come up with more handstand styles. Check the internet for other useful practicing tips. The steps discussed above, explaining how to do handstands, are admittedly not easy and can be a little hard at first for beginners. At any rate, you can still choose to strive harder to greatly improve your skills. Stay safe while you develop your handstand techniques.


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