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How to Do Quick Weave

How to Do Quick Weave

The quick weave method is becoming an increasingly popular way to lengthen the hair. It is perhaps the easiest way to get a hair extension these days. The tracks of the weave are glued to the skull cap or wave. It can easily be applied and removed, which is the reason why it is popular among women. If you want to achieve instant fullness, length, or color, then the quick weave is the best thing you can do. It is better than applying harmful chemicals to your natural hair. You can learn how to do quick weave in the following easy steps:

  1. Prepare your materials:

    Paper towel

    Hair extension

    Comb and brush


    Flat iron

    Bonding glue

    Two wave caps

  2. Begin by preparing your own hair. Shampoo, condition, and blow dry it before attaching the quick weave.

  3. Flatten your hair by making cornrows from the top of your head to the nape of your neck. You can also just sweep back your hair if it is not too frizzy. However, it is advisable to braid your hair tightly so that your natural hair will not be visible. For quick weaves, straight-backs or vertical cornrows are best since they are not as high as beehive braids. This is also the easiest braiding technique for beginners.

  4. Attach a wave cap to your head, making sure that all of your hair is covered well. Next, put the paper towel sheet over the cap, and then attach the second wave cap over it. The weave caps act as barriers to protect your hair from any breakage that might occur from attaching hair extensions.

  5. Apply the weave tracks starting from the nape of your neck. You should measure them in such a way that they extend from ear to ear. If there is any excess synthetic hair, you may cut it so that the length of the track is customized to the shape of your head. Apply the weave layer by layer, from your nape until the crown, and then stop.

  6. This time, start at the front of your crown, measure the weave, cut the excess, and apply the weave tracks from one ear to the other. Glue the weave track in a circular pattern until you are left with a small circular space at the crown of your head.

  7. Close that small space using your hair extension. Use only about two inches of the hair extension. Apply glue under the extension’s track and allow it to dry. Separate the hair extension in the middle to form the closure. Clamp this piece down using a hot flat iron. However, first make sure that your hair piece is not the type that melts when ironed.

  8. Apply glue to the bottom of the closure. Also apply some glue to the small circular space at the top of your head. Attach the hair extension and then secure it by pressing down on it for a few seconds.

  9. You can now trim your quick weave and style it in any way you want.

The quick weave is a lot better than the traditional weave because the latter takes hours to apply. Moreover, knowing how to do quick weave allows you to bypass professional consultations. You can do it right in the comfort of your home.


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