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how to do scrapbooking

how to do scrapbooking

Keep your memories by making scrapbooks for every important stage of your life. They will clearly explain who you are to an acquaintance. They are very entertaining and informative to your house guests. How to do scrapbooking does not require a lot of skills. A sincere desire to treasure the remembrance of your life’s journey is enough to start your photos and memorabilia collections. Store them in a way that they can be shared with other people. What actually is a scrapbook? A scrapbook is the result of the method for preserving one’s personal history of events using a collection of items that will retell the stories. They will look like a photo album, diary, or a bookbinder. You will be glad having all those souvenirs kept in one valuable location. It will help keep your home tidy from clutter, and it will also be one of your most-treasured possessions. Follow these tips for your scrapbooking project:

  1. Gather all the keepsakes you have in one corner. This will include photos, invitation cards, tickets, and other relics.

    egregate the ones that will lie flat on the surface. Do not include the bulky and heavy ones. Visualize what you want it to look like. It can be fancy, classical, comical, or sentimental. You know what’s best.

  2. Identify the theme for your scrapbook. If you have some photos from each country during your travels in Asia, you can have a scrapbook that says: “My Asian Tour!” It can also be based on the actual occasion like “Marriage Made in Heaven.” Maybe you want a family-oriented scrapbook. Say, for example, “Family Outings.”

  3. Find an album that is large enough to contain the materials you have plus a matching space for your captions, descriptions, notes, messages, or related literary compositions like poems, rhymes, and more. You can assemble your own kit by getting a quality paper board and binder. Just make sure to glue the materials firmly to the page for a strong hold.

  4. Draw a sketch of your page layout. This will show consistency in your work. Since pictures can already tell their own stories, you can limit the words you attach to them. You want your friends to gleefully scan the pages as you participate and not read it like it’s a serious novel.

  5. Finalize the arrangements. It is easy to get carried away with all those emotional visuals or objects. Concentrate on the ultimate outcome of the scrapbook. Arrange the materials according to the chosen layout. Stick to the concept or theme. Do not confuse your viewers by mixing everything up. Persevere if you become overwhelmed.

If you are short on ideas for scrapbooking, research some examples online. You can easily decide what you want when you can see actual images of scrapbooks made by other people. You can always add some personal touches to personalize it based on your own preferences. You are not only making this scrapbook for others to see. It should be something special for you and your family. How to do scrapbooking should be fun.  You won’t feel pressured if you’re enjoying it. You can devote a whole day to sort everything out or do the work little by little according to your time availability. Just don’t do this in a rush.  There’s a tendency that you won’t like the end result when you don’t take the time to really consider what you’re doing. You can get inspiration knowing you have an upcoming visit by relatives living abroad. Start making the scrapbook much earlier than their date of arrival and finish it before finding them at your doorstep.


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