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how to do secret Santa

how to do secret Santa

Exchanging gifts among a group of friends, work colleagues, classmates, and family members is a good way to eliminate worries on what to give to each other and how much you should spend. You are not obliged to buy gifts for everyone involved but only to one person with a fixed concept and price range. This is what they call “secret Santa.” The following ways should be helpful on how to do secret Santa.

  1. Organize a Christmas meeting to agree on the important details for the secret Santa. The agenda should include the party place, time, and date. There must be committees appointed to be in charge of the food, refreshments, program, and other details as agreed. The value of the gift must be decided along with the concept. Encourage participants to register and set a deadline.

  2. Remind anticipated participants a few days before the deadline. Once you have the final listing, write each name on a piece of paper. Roll them up for the drawing. Place them in a nice container.

    transparent glass vase, drawing box, or even a nicely decorated hat will do. Assign someone to be in charge of this container. You can easily misplace this when you try to do everything. Delegate the tasks as much as possible. People will feel more important when they are given certain responsibilities.

  3. Let everyone draw a name from the container shortly before the event. They will play Santa to whomever they’ve drawn. It is more exciting to make this a secret or else you’re not going to be a secret Santa anymore. The fun part is when you are trying to figure out what your recipient would like to receive as a Christmas present. Creating alibis can be awkward sometimes.

  4. Just let the program flow during the event. Place a gift table right at the entrance with only the recipients’ names on the items. Enjoy the entertainment, booze, and drinks.  Shortly before the party ends, the great revelations are about to happen. Call the names one by one to receive their gifts.

  5. Let various expressions fill the air of the room as they open their gifts showing also the name of their secret Santa inside the box. Exchange words of thanks and Christmas wishes, and that should conclude your Christmas party with your secret Santa as the final highlight of the program.

  6. Thank all the people that contributed to the success of the event with a promising note that an even better Christmas party is on the horizon for next year. This will keep the excitement going as you strengthen camaraderie in your group of friends and relatives. This is what Christmas is all about.

  7. Separate with good tidings and holiday cheer in your hearts.  Some relationships will become stronger after the event. This activity is not for fun only but allowing everyone to show kindness to only one person. It should not be that hard. Everyone should be capable of pulling great things together to show how much we care.

There are many ways on how to do secret Santa that make it more exciting, but at least you have the basic structure now. You can modify whatever you need according to your group’s preferences. Make sure that you are exerting a team effort while organizing it. You should be able to enjoy everything too when it happens. This is only a once-a-year event so make the most of it. Do not be overwhelmed with the many details.  Instead, learn to share everything including work with reliable people. You’ll be more pleased with the results if you have everyone helping!


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