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How to Do Updo Hairstyles

How to Do Updo Hairstyles

A lot of girls just wear their hair either down or in a ponytail. While there is nothing wrong with these hairstyles, it can get tiring to see yourself with the same hairdo day in and day out. You can spice up your hairstyle by arranging your hair in an updo every now and then. Contrary to what most girls think, not all updos are hard to accomplish. They can be worn not only during special occasions but also during casual and everyday activities. If you want to learn how to do updo hairstyles easily, here are some examples of easy updo hairstyles that you can create yourself. French Twist

  1. Gather your hair into a low ponytail at your nape. Sweep your hair slightly off center to one side. Secure it underneath, inserting a bobby pin vertically, starting from the bottom upwards.

  2. Starting from the bottom, secure your hair by inserting a row of bobby pins in a crisscross manner. The last bobby pin should be placed downwards.

  3. Gather your hair together and twist it tightly while pulling it upwards.

  4. Starting again from the base of the twist, insert bobby pins horizontally. Try to intersect them with the vertical pins to make it more secure.

  5. Let the ends fall freely to create a slightly messy French twist.

  6. Spray with hairspray to hold the style.

Classic Chignon
  1. Make a half-ponytail by gathering your hair from the left and right side of your head. Pull both sides together and tie them up at the top center of the back of your head with an elastic band. Remember not to pull too tightly.

  2. Tease your half-ponytail. You have to increase its volume so that it will fill in the chignon and make it rounded.

  3. Tie the remaining loose hair with a low ponytail, just a few centimeters above the base of your hair.

  4. Take the bottom ponytail and bring it over the half-ponytail. Carefully pull it through the half-ponytail, and then tuck its end inside the loop of hair that has just been created. The half-ponytail should have been tucked inside the loop, as it helps make your chignon rounded.

  5. Secure the chignon with bobby pins and spray it with hairspray to hold.

  6. You can add decorative ornaments such as flowers and ribbons to your chignon.

Gibson Tuck
  1. Pull your hair into a high, semi-high, or low ponytail.

  2. Gently pull on the ponytail holder with one hand as if you are going to take it out, and then use your finger to create a gap or nest in between your hair tie and scalp.

  3. Twist your ponytail and roll it up into the gap or nest that you made. Continue rolling until your hair tie is tucked inside the nest.

  4. Secure the hair tie in this position using a bobby clip. This will keep the Gibson tuck in place, and at the same time, hide your hair tie.

Chestnut Bun
  1. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and tightly secure it with an elastic band.

  2. Slide the elastic band down a little to loosen the ponytail, and then create a small hole between the rubber band and your scalp.

  3. Tuck the end of the ponytail under and up through the hole, pulling it all the way through.

  4. Fan out the ponytail to even out its shape.

  5. Loop the end of your hair under and towards the rubber band. For super long hair, you might need to wrap around the ends of your hair several times in your hands.

  6. Secure those ends with bobby pins. Continue pinning the sides and the bottom of the bun until it feels secure.

  7. Spray with hairspray for extra hold.

These are just a few of the many different updos that you can experiment with. Learning how to do updo hairstyles is a good way to change your look and can help you turn from drab to dazzling in no time.  


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