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How to do Updos for Long Hair

How to do Updos for Long Hair

Updos or Ombre hairstyles (as per their French origin) are classy, and are not limited to formal occasions, weddings or dances. Are you aware that there are also chic, easy-to-do updo variations for the summer that will meet your daily needs? Learn how to do updos for long hair, and you will look neat and presentable despite your busy schedule. You can add glamorous twists to the hairstyle when attending a prom, a dinner reception, or a ball. Your cocktail dress will be alluring if you have a matching updo. Here are the fundamentals if you intend on doing this on your own:

  1. Learn the different styles you can do with your hair and decide which one matches your needs most. If you need to be formal, opt for a simple updo. A single bun would look elegant. But if the occasion does not require that you look formal, you can opt for the more carefree and chic curly updo instead. You can also experiment with a double pony updo to stylishly tuck in your long hair.

  2. Prepare your hair for styling.

    Make sure that it is clean and dry. Medium-length to long hair is ideal. Fine or medium-textured hair is easy to handle. It is best to apply hair styling lotion to make thick hair flexible: The weight of the hair will not destroy it. Brush your hair thoroughly first to eliminate tangles and to make it move more freely.

  3. Use a strong-hold styling gel or hairspray to strengthen the foundation, but at this stage, apply only a minimal amount. If you want to elevate the hair above your forehead, tease the sprayed front hair a bit and set it smoothly with the help of a fine comb. Do not comb it thoroughly; only polish the surface with the comb.

  4. Use a rubber band or flexible string to secure your hair and tie it up like a ponytail. Tie it up as high as you want to. Fold or twist the pony tail to form a bun if the length of your hair permits it. Use bobby pins or ordinary hairpins to hold it in place. If you are doing a French twist for your bun, there’s no need to anchor it. Just gather your hair together to form a pony tail and twist it right until the tip. Tuck the end of the tail in, and secure it with bobby pins. Do not use too many as pins are not pretty when obvious and will make the bun too heavy. You can also knot your pony tail to make a bun.

  5. Ask someone to assist you or use a second mirror with the main one to show the back view of your head. Place the second mirror behind you and look through the first mirror. The back of your head will be visible. It should be as neat as the front. Refrain from resetting the style after applying strong-hold styling products: It will be harder and will leave flakes or residue from the gel or spray. Just add some more when the arrangement is final.

  6. Add a flower, some ribbons, or other ornaments to enhance the overall look of your updo. A simple bun with a flower accent will look elegant. Choose the flower design that is most apt for the season. The color should also match your dress well.

Regardless of what you choose for a particular occasion (single or double pony, braided, single bun, Polynesian pony or very knotty updo) make it neat and firm. That’s the key to learning how to do updos for long hair.


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