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how to do yoga at work

how to do yoga at work

Yoga is all about physical, mental and spiritual well-being and discipline. The one and only goal of an individual practicing yoga is to achieve a state of spiritual tranquility. There are many ways to meditate and to reach your inner self. Since it is a state of mind, you can do yoga anywhere that is quiet enough for you to concentrate. Many people want to know how to do yoga at work in order to combat the stressful situations that are bound to arise. There is no standard way to do it. You just have to relax, loosen your body and set your mind free. The key here is to be able to breathe properly so that you can relax more. Here are some tips that may aid you:

  1. This yoga exercise will enable you to breathe thoroughly. While sitting comfortably in a tall chair, press down on your tailbone so that you are sitting heavily but securely. Relax your shoulders and rest your back on the back of the chair. Remember to breathe in and breathe out while doing this. Make yourself truly confortable by rolling your shoulders backwards.

    This time, inhale slowly and make sure that your breathing travels through your body and to your head.

    Once you have reached the climax, exhale slowly by gently blowing out the air from your lips. When doing this, feel every part of your body that suddenly glides when the air passes through it. Count slowly with every exhalation and continue to do this nine more times.

  2. The next one is perfect for those who are always in front of the computer screen; it is an eye exercise. Gaze at the wall in front of you while sitting down comfortably. Imagine there is a pendulum swinging from left to right at a slow pace. Follow the swing with your eyes twice then slowly take your focus off the wall. Focus on something in the distance, like an object outside the window. Next, focus on a nearby object, such as a pen on your desk. Do this eye exercise a few times while inhaling and exhaling calmly.

  3. This next exercise is a remedy for long hours of constantly standing up or sitting down. This is meant to relax your shoulders and hips. Sit on your chair comfortably. Now, place your left heel over your right knee. Notice that you are forming a triangle beneath your upper body. While in this position breathe in slowly as you exhale. Position your upper body so that it is reaching upwards while leaning towards the triangle. Don’t overdo this step; just do it enough that you are able to feel the stretch.

  4. This time, stand on your feet. Put your hands on your waist. Inhale slowly. While doing this, slowly reach for the roof and raise the heels of your feet from the ground. Exhale in the same manner as you return to the initial position. Make sure that your mind is clear and your body is loose. Do this exercise for as long as you want. This is a very effective way to release all the built up stress.

Learning how to do yoga at work is very effective in freeing your mind, even if just for a little while.


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