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how to do yoga poses

how to do yoga poses

Are you looking for an easy way to improve your spiritual insight and mental tranquility? Yoga is the answer. You must be aware of a few things before you learn how to do yoga poses. However, keep in mind that there are many benefits to this meaningful practice. Yoga is primarily a mental, spiritual and physical discipline performed by the ancient Indians. Most Indians believed yoga to be very effective in cleansing the body and in treating various disorders. It increases muscular flexibility and lubricates ligaments, joints and tendons. In some ways, yoga is similar to a full body self-massage. To maximize the benefits of yoga, beginners must carefully study a few of the most basic poses.

  1. Choose calm and serene area. You can do your yoga inside the house or outdoors as long as the immediate environment is peaceful. Wear loose and comfortable clothing so you can move easily. Put your yoga mat in place. Light a few pieces of incense or perhaps play your favorite instrumental music.

  2. Sun Salutation Pose (Surya Namaskar).

    This particular pose focuses on improving breathing. Begin the position by standing straight with your feet close to each other. Put your palms together and bring them to your chest. Inhale slowly and raise your arms upward. Next, gradually bend your body backward while extending your arms at your back. After that, release your breath while bringing your arms overhead. Finish the pose by bending downward until your hands are able to touch your feet. Hold it for 30 seconds and then release your body.

  3. Cobra poses. The main goal of this pose is to reinforce the abdominal area. Lay flat with your entire body facing downward. Keep your feet close to each other and your arms straight at your side. As you take deep breaths, gradually slide your arms, keeping your palms flat, until your hands reach waist-level. Bring your chest and head up until your navel is raised from the floor. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, and then bring your body back to the original flat position.

  4. Triangular pose. This yoga pose is much easier than other poses. Position your body by standing straight and then spread your legs apart. Be careful to maintain your balance. Bend your left arm overhead in an arc while your right hand is slowly reaching toward your right foot. Hold your body for 30 seconds, and then return to the standing position. Repeat the same process with your right arm overhead and your left arm reaching for your left foot.

  5. Tree poses. This kind of balancing seems very simple to perform, but you still need to practice the movements to do it right. First, stand straight with only your right foot. Maintain balance as much as you can. Next, bend your left leg and place it above your right knee. Gradually extend your arms overhead with the palms facing up. Notice that your spine is actually being stretched. As with the other poses, keep your balance for about 30 seconds. Release your body and then do the same procedure standing on your left foot with your right foot over the left knee.

  6. Corpse poses. After performing the previous yoga poses, the corpse pose serves as your finale. This pose serves to rest the entire body. Lay flat with your body facing upward. Stretch your arms outward, just in line with your shoulder-level. Close your hands securing the thumbs within. Bend your legs while bringing the knees up. Make sure your feet are flatly touching the floor while they are slightly apart from each other. Turn your head to the right while your knees are going left. Turn your head to the left while your knees are going right. Repeat the process until you feel that your body is completely relaxed.

Many individuals are interested in yoga, but not everyone knows how to do yoga poses properly. While the above tips demonstrate the basics, you can find a lot of additional information about yoga with a thorough Internet search.


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