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how to download pictures from camera to computer

how to download pictures from camera to computer

Most digital cameras today have photo software which you can use to upload photos to your computer. Unless you upgrade said software to the newest version, its storage options are actually very limited. Not everybody knows that there are tips available on how to download pictures from camera to computer without using any software program at all. If the operating system (OS) of your computer at home is Windows XP, then transferring pictures into it from your camera should be much easier. Before starting, first make sure that your digital camera is fully charged. Prepare your camera’s USB (universal serial bus) cable. Your computer’s USB port must also be functional. If you have memory card reader, prepare it also.

  1. Turn off the camera before connecting it to the USB cable. The camera must be switched off first in order to avoid damaging its software. After that, find one end of the USB cable and connect it to the appropriate port in the camera.

  2. Connect it to the computer.

    ssuming your computer is already switched on; the other end of the camera’s USB cable should now be connected to the appropriate USB port of your PC. Most likely, the USB ports are located either in front or at the back of the CPU. The connecting cable and the port itself are both designed in a way that they easily fit with each other.

    Once the connection is successful, the computer will indicate that it has detected the device, usually with the phrase “New Hardware Found.” There should also be a small box which will appear on the screen containing a specific folder for the camera saying “Open folder to view files.” You can click on that right away or just go to the “My Computer” page.

  3. Transfer photos or photo folders. In the “My Computer” page, click and open the camera drive. You should highlight which photo or folder you wish to transfer into your computer. Your options are “Move to folder” which means the selected files will be completely taken from the camera, and “Copy to folder” which means the files are still retained in the camera even when transferred to the computer.

    Your other option is to select specific pictures only. In that case, you need to open the photo folder and highlight each picture you want to transfer, and then click either the “Move to folder” or the “Copy to folder” option.

  4. Preview the pictures on your computer. Before removing your camera connection, you should first view the newly transferred pictures so that you will know if there are any photos you missed during transfer. Also, if there are pictures which you think not so important, then you might as well delete them.

  5. Delete pictures from the camera. This item is optional because you might still want to keep the photos in your camera, but deleting the photos will free up some storage capacity on your camera, which means you can again take as many photos as you like.

  6. Safely remove the camera. On the lowermost right part of your screen, click the icon saying “Safely remove hardware and eject media” so that the operating system will prepare the USB cable of your camera to be removed properly. Wait for a message to pop up telling you that it is now safe to remove the USB cable. Never unplug the cable without performing this step otherwise it could possibly cause system trouble on your computer.

  7. Enjoy your pictures. Now that the photos are stored on your computer, there are many things you can do with them. Share your pictures with your friends by uploading them to any of your social media accounts, like Facebook, or email them to your relatives. You can also use them as your desktop wallpaper. Customize your pictures too, if you like, and make photo souvenirs.

The main advantage of knowing how to download pictures from camera to computer is more to preserve your photos for a longer period of time. You can view your photos, featuring happy moments, anytime you want. You may also like to edit some of them using Photoshop software. At any given time, you can also print specific pictures you like and hang them on the wall.


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