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how to download ringtones to cell phones

how to download ringtones to cell phones

The cellular phone is a technological breakthrough in the field of telecommunications. It is a multipurpose communication device, which can perform much better than any other communication equipment such as telephones, beepers or hand-held radios. Most mobile phone units have call and text services only. Once there is an incoming call or an incoming SMS message, the user is notified through the cell phone’s built-in call and text alert sounds. Now, as long as you know how to download ringtones to cell phones, you can greatly enhance your call and text alert tones according to your own preference. The good thing about having different ringtones is that you will be able to distinguish the person calling you by merely listening to the alert tone. In the same manner, you will also know that there is an incoming text message. You can set the call service of your cell phone by assigning a particular ringtone to a given contact in your phone book. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you should know how to download ringtones to your cell phone.

Here are the simple steps on how to do it.

  1. Choose the right cellular phone. Not all mobile phone models are capable of downloading several ringtones from any source, such as the internet. At the outset, verify that the mobile phone you are about to purchase is equipped with internet service or a feature that makes it capable of accommodating transferred ringtones.

  2. Know your phone number and service provider. These two items are very important when you go online to look for ringtone downloads. Most of the sites offering cell phone ringtone downloads, whether for free or for a fee, will require you to enter both your phone number and your service provider. Be cautious, however, not to be victimized by the widespread fly-by-night scams and internet fraud operations out there. To stay safe and secure, begin your search with your service provider’s official website.

  3. Go to the content library of your cell phone. Most cell phone brands these days have a content library, usually found in the “Settings” menu. In the content library, you will find the available ringtones already embedded in your cell phone, as well as the options on how to download ringtones.

  4. Connect your cell phone to the internet. You need to connect, or rather activate, your cell phone’s internet access. You may choose to go to your phone brand’s website and look in there for downloadable ringtones, or you may browse for other websites offering downloadable ringtone files. Don’t forget that these websites may ask you to send them a nominal amount as payment for every ringtone or ringtones downloaded. The prices can differ from one site to another depending on the kind and level of service extended to you.

  5. Check for combo plans. There are a number of websites that have monthly and yearly combo programs for their online clients. After you have successfully applied for any of the said combo plans, you can benefit from multiple ringtone downloads throughout the period of your subscription.

    But if you seriously insist on just saving money, it is advisable that you look for a site that offers downloadable ringtones free of charge.

  6. Start the download process. Just follow the commands that the website system gives you and click or snap on the required icons. Other than that, you can try using sync software to transfer your chosen ringtone from the internet to your cell phone.

    Cell phone ringtones can be downloaded or transferred via Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth technology, infrared connectivity, or USB (universal serial bus) cable with the use of the internet. Remember, however, that not all cellular phone models are equipped with the capability to download ringtones from the internet. Thus, as earlier mentioned, before you purchase your brand new mobile phone you must ensure first that it has the capacity to accommodate more ringtones.

Bearing all these items in mind, you now have a basic working knowledge of how to download ringtones to cell phones. Check out your favorite ringtones now. For more happy tones, just be patient in finding free downloads. If you have extra money, you can try buying the latest ringtone online.


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