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how to draw a car

how to draw a car

Before a specific car is manufactured, a sketch as to how it will look is drawn. From the sketch, the drawing is further enhanced with shades and colors. Specifications are then made and the car’s body is then manufactured in the assembly line. The whole process starts with a drawing. Thus, knowing how to draw a car can be a good skill if you dream to become a car designer. You need not be a skillful artist in order to draw a car. Anyone can draw a car. If you are a beginner, try to draw in the simplest way, like in a side view or isometric position. To help you out, follow the steps below. Just prepare your drawing materials, such as a handy eraser, soft pencil, preferably HB, 2B and 4B, and of course drawing papers.

  1. Prepare your materials. Gather the materials and place them near or over your drawing table. The pencils must be properly sharpened. The erasers must be of good quality so that the drawing paper will remain clean even if there are erasures. The drawing papers must be thick enough to withstand erasures.

  2. Secure a photo depicting the car you want to draw.

    The photo will allow you to picture out the shape and the basic parts of the car. It will also serve as your guide when you do the shading, coloring and all other details of the car.

  3. Draw two rectangles representing the lower and upper portions of the car. Draw the first rectangle which would depict the portion of the hood, doors and back portion of the car. On top of the first rectangle, draw the second rectangle that would depict the windows. The two rectangles will serve as the car’s main frame.

  4. Draw circles for the wheels. Indicate where your wheels should be. Inside the two circles, draw small circles. Mark a letter X and a horizontal line inside the small circles. The small circles depict the rim of the tire. Do the same on the other circle.

  5. Draw the hood and trunk. Make a curving line from one end of the large rectangle up to the lower base corner of the smaller rectangle. This line depicts the hood. Draw a curving line at the opposite side of the car that will represent the trunk.

  6. Draw the windshields and windows. From the lower corner of the top rectangle, draw a slightly angled line that extends to the topside of the rectangle. This will define the upper portion of the car as well as the front windshield. Draw the same at the angled line from the back windshield of the car. Once the windshields are clearly defined, add a vertical line at the center of the rectangle to form the windows.

  7. Draw the doors. In drawing the front and back doors, draw a vertical line at the center of the larger rectangle that depicts the lower portion of the car. The vertical line will serve as your basis when you make the front and back doors. With the center vertical line as a basis, you can now draw a square from one of the vertical lines and one square on the other side. The two squares depict the front and rear doors.

  8. Draw the head and tail lights. On the top-front end corner of the hood, draw a half circle or a small rectangle in a vertical position. This will represent the headlights. Do the same at the trunk portion of the car to depict the tail lights.

  9. Finalize the sketch and add the other details. Trace your sketch with a black pen. Erase all the unnecessary lines and draw the other details as shown in the picture.

After completing the steps on how to draw a car, color your drawing based on the shades on your model photo. You may apply other colors that you like. Truly, drawing a car can be a little challenging. But, as long as you know the basics you will never go wrong. Just practice constantly in order to develop your drawing skills.


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