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How To Draw A Rose

How To Draw A Rose

The rose is one of the world’s most famous flowers. It has been known as the universal symbol and expression of love. The thorns are somewhat associated to the trials in a relationship, but on top of its thorny stem is the gorgeous rose, which represents the beauty of being insanely in love. Because of its popularity, whether drawn on a canvass or bought as a gift, its value is always appreciated by the recipient. Therefore, anyone interested in drawing may want to learn how to draw a rose to express their sentiments to someone special. Find out how to below.

  1. Prepare the needed drawing materials. Sharpen your pencils or make them duller if necessary. Have your sketch pad, erasers, and all other drawing tools at hand.

  2. Look closely at a rose. Study its shape from all angles, and what each part looks like, including the bottom of the bud, the petals, the stem, and the leaves.

  3. Draw swirls.

    The initial swirl serves as the center of the rose. Make as many swirls as you like depending on the desired size, but always make sure that you have enough space to make your rose bud.

  4. Draw the petals. They extend from the top of the swirl down to the sepals.

  5. Draw the sepals. The sepals are the leaves under the rosebud. The ends of the sepals of a rose are akin to a thorny saw blade-like structure.

  6. Draw the stem. The rose flower is supported by a long, thorny, and solid stem. The stem is much easier to draw.

  7. Draw thorny leaves. The thorny leaves of a rose are oval; and their edges are sharp and look like a saw blade.

Learning to draw is a fun hobby, and learning how to draw a rose can expand your skillset and enable you to capture the beauty of this ultimate symbol of love.


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