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How To Draw Cars Step By Step

How To Draw Cars Step By Step

Cars are fascinating engineering creations. Before cars are set for manufacturing, they are carved out first from the imaginative mind of an expert artist. For neophytes like you in the field of art, knowing how to draw cars step by step is a good start. Every new car model always starts on a draft or rough sketch made by a skillful and talented artist. That is true especially to those automobile manufacturers who make cars in accordance with the design of their customers. Drawing a car is easier said than done. When you look at the nitty-gritty details of the design and structure of a particular vehicle, you can probably think it’s complicated to draw the curves and all the other exterior parts. However, with the application of some techniques, drawing a car can be a little bit simpler. Below is the methodical procedure on how to draw a car which may be very helpful to every neophyte artist. Make sure you have your drawing pencils, dark pen, sharpener, drawing papers, and erasers. As for the pencil, it best to use HB, 4B, and 2B.

  1. Take a picture of a car.

    Take a colored picture of the car you want to draw. Look closely at prominent features that can be immediately recognized. Looking at the picture gives you a mental vision of how to go about with your drawing, especially those areas that have to be shaded. It is best if you also take pictures from various angles.

  2. Draw your ground reference line. Slightly below the middle portion of your drawing paper, draw a horizontal straight line. This will be the ground. The same line will also serve as your baseline when you draw more lines.

  3. Draw two circles for the two tires. They must be slightly drawn above the ground line and at a distance appropriate to the car’s size.

  4. Parallel to the ground reference line, draw two horizontal lines, one slightly above the other for the car’s body and roof.

  5. Draw the skeletal frame of the car’s body. Draw two vertical lines, one on the far left side of the left tire and the other on the far right side of the right tire. By drawing these two vertical lines, you will now have a full rectangular sketch that will serve as the basis for the car’s body.

    Draw two more vertical lines near the two wheels, one line near on the right side of the left wheel and the other line near left side of the right wheel. These two lines must cross the middle reference line and extend further than the roof reference line.

    You are now ready to connect all the lines to form your car’s hood, windows, side view of the windshield, and the trunk.

  6. To draw your car’s hood and trunk, draw another horizontal line in between the middle reference line and the ground reference line. The line will meet both sides of the rectangle. Where these vertical and horizontal lines meet, a vertex point is created. Connect with slanted lines.

  7. Draw your windshield and windows. By simply making slant, vertical, and horizontal lines and connecting them from one point to another, you can form the windshield and the windows.

  8. Draw the car’s floor with a straight line slightly above the ground reference line.

  9. Draw the wheels. Finalize the sketch of the two circles that you made in No. 4 to complete your wheels.

  10. Finalize the whole sketch. Finalize all the lines that make up the complete skeletal structure of your car drawing. With the use of your dark pen, trace all the lines and the prominent parts of the car.

  11. Clean and color your final drawing. After you have finalized your sketch, clean the drawing with an eraser.

Drawing a car is not really difficult as long as you follow the above-enumerated steps on how to draw cars step by step. Even if you are a first-timer, you can certainly draw one. Enjoy drawing!


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