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How To Draw Dogs

How To Draw Dogs How To Draw Dogs

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you know how to draw dogs? Dogs are great pets. Indeed, they are man’s best friend. You can play catch with them on a sunny day or just cuddle when it’s cold. They are playful, loyal, and just so much fun to have them around. For those who love dogs and are interested in drawing, learning how to draw dogs could be a lot of fun. Beginners should start by sketching cartoon-like dogs. It’s easy and fun: plus, it’s a good starting point. Let’s start with the simplest drawing. All you need is paper, a pencil, and an eraser. Draw very light and imagine a dog sitting and facing forward as you draw to help you visualize the final product.

  1. Draw a circle for the dog’s head.

  2. Directly below that, draw an elongated vertical oval. Since this will be the body of the dog, it needs to be longer.

  3. Draw an oval that overlaps the head and the body for the snout. Make it a little bit longer than the head.


  4. Draw a circle on the left most bottom part of the body to become the back leg. The size of the circle should be proportional to the body.

  5. Do the same on the right side. Make sure that the two circles are of the same size. You now have the base for the back legs.

  6. For the front legs, draw a smaller circle right beside the left back leg that overlaps with the body. Do the same on the other side.

  7. It’s time to start forming the body of the dog, so you can make the lines a bit darker. On the left side, draw the body of the dog starting from the point where the snout and the body oval meet. Draw the line downwards and continue all the way to the front leg circle.

  8. Follow the contour of the circle then draw upwards, slightly curving a little, until only 1/4 space is left before the snout.

  9. Do the same to the other side. You have now completed the front legs of the dog. Your line should not be straight. Just imagine the contours of a dog.

  10. Draw ovals on both sides of the head to make ears. For a reference, imagine Goofy from Disney.

  11. At the middle, topmost part of the snout, draw a small circle for the nose. Below the nose, you can draw a smiling mouth.

  12. Just above the little circle nose, place dots to make the eyes. Also add eyebrows.

  13. Clean up by erasing the lines that are not part of the dog and just served as outlines.

  14. Darken and shade the outline of the dog. You can also add spots or just color it.

Experiment with the details of the dog like the shape of the ears, the smile on its face, or even body marks (think Dalmatians). The eyes are also very important. By just adding lashes, your dog can look like a female. Eventually, try other techniques for a more detailed and complicated styles. But before you get to that stage, learning how to draw dogs doesn’t have to be complicated.


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