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How To Draw Flowers

How To Draw Flowers

Not everyone can be an artist, but anyone can learn how to draw flowers. If you know the basic shapes, have a little creativity and a bagful of dedication, you certainly can. To give you a head start, further below are simple steps and techniques to draw your very first flower. But before starting, it’s best to make sure that you know your subject well. Become familiar with different kinds of flowers. Examine them closely and pay attention to small details. First off, it is a good idea to know the basic parts of the flower. A flower consists of stem, petals, stamens, sometimes leaves, and other structures. Some flowers have other parts that others do not have, so it’s important to be familiar with the particular flower or flowers you want to draw. Take note also of the different shapes that you see in a flower. Some flowers are shaped like a circle, some like an oblong, and so on. To start, let’s focus on drawing a simple circle-shaped flower.

  1. Draw three circles at the middle of the paper. If you are not that confident yet in making nice round circles, you can actually use trace any round object like a drinking glass to make a circle.


  2. Softly define the outlines of the three circles. These will serve as the petals of your flower. Don’t be afraid to adjust the circle to your own idea of how the flower petal should look like. Draw very lightly since softer lines enhance the soft and delicate nature of petals. Imagine which petal is above the other and which petal is underneath.

  3. Create a small circle at the middle of the petals. This will serve as your stamen.

  4. Draw lightly and make a downward curved line from the center circle to make the stem.

  5. To make leaves, lightly sketch a long oblong with a pointed tip off of the stem. Sketch a line in the middle of the leaf to make the vein.

  6. Add shading to your flowers and leaves. To give the stamen more texture, add some dots at the bottom part of the circle. Experiment with shading.

  7. Add ridges from the stamen going outward to the edge of the petals. Doing this gives depth to the flower. Each ridge will vary in length.

  8. Shade in the petals along the sides, giving particular attention to the tips. Do the same technique for the leaves and stem.

  9. To make the flower even more realistic, get a real flower and observe it. See where you need to darken the shading and where to keep it very light for the flower petals to look real.

From these basic steps of drawing a simple flower, you can try to draw various kinds of flowers. Experiment with various shapes for the petals. For example, a daisy has petals like elongated oblongs just like an inverted long letter U. And lilies also have an oblong shape but with pointed ends. Just like with anything else we do, practice always makes us better. So if your first attempt does not look satisfying, don’t give up. Just try again and again and again until you get it right. Who knows, one day you’ll be the one teaching other beginners the tricks on how to draw flowers.


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