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how to draw online

how to draw online

Drawing is a potential way to bring out your artistic side. Through shapes and colors, you can perfectly express what’s on your mind. Rather than enrolling in an expensive and dreadful art class, you can study how to draw online for free. There are sites that offer simple yet comprehensive online drawing lessons. You can also find online programs that have photo-editing features using brush options and multiple tools. Read on for the details.

  1. Navigate to a drawing website online. Sites like Sumopaint.com, One Motion and Online Sketch Pad are good options. Choose tools so you can practice drawing. Start by drawing an animal realistically. This time you will be using a mouse or Wacon pen, rather than the traditional drawing pencil.

  2. Provide references for the animal you would like to draw. Animals that are four-legged can be easily represented by a rectangular sketch with cylinders or spheres for the head and lines for the legs. To draw the basic shapes, you can use a shape tool or free-hand pencil depending on the drawing site you chose.

    Click on the mouse to make and drag lines on the drawing space or just slide the Wacon pen within the tablet area.

  3. Draw in details. In online drawing, you can make perfect shapes and lines because you can undo mistakes. For instance, for the muscles of the animal, you need not worry about imitating complex muscles because you can always make corrections. If you are working on a horse, depict the muscles with ovals or any similar shapes just on top of the body and legs in the rectangle. For the animal fur, make curved lines on top of the muscle area.

  4. Experiment with the tools provided. Grab the chance to draw new shapes using the different tools provided online. Once you find the tools  comfortable, draw anything you like. When done, save a copy of your creation and post it online for others to see.

  5. Visit slimber.com. This site allows the users to draw their preferred shapes, view and then save their creations. Thereafter, users are allowed to share, rate or comment on their drawings. The “Most Rated” drawings are being featured in the site’s home page.

  6. Go to queeky.com. This is mainly an online drawing community that provides special drawing tools for the users around the world. The site allows you to create animated drawings, while its galleries have many art processes to learn from.

  7. Find hellokids.com. This drawing site is very friendly to kids. It provides not only video tutorials, but also step by step drawing guides. The subjects available include everyday favorites, like cartoon characters and dinosaurs. The site has expert teachers, cartoonist and drawing-oriented children. Also, kids will be educated on how to make computer-animated wallpapers and images.

  8. Check out drawinghowtodraw.com. Beginners can learn a number of tutorials on this site. They can start doing initial shapes like hearts, squares and bears. Lessons on drawing techniques include making three-dimensional objects with curves and angles based on a subject. This drawing site is also appropriate for at least 8-year old children.

  9. Look for drawspace.com. This site will fill your expectations about online drawing. The trainings given are professional, realistic, incredible and extensive. Through the different drawing lessons provided, you can learn how to create realistic drawings until you become a “human camera” yourself.

Most children are inherently interested in drawing shapes as early as age four. As they grow, they improve their inclination in making lines and shapes which, in one way or the other, reflect a degree of excitement and happiness. When they have created something colorful, kids feel a sense of fulfillment. With the advent of the Internet technology today, you can easily teach your children how to draw online using any of the sites we have identified.


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