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How To Draw With Pencil

How To Draw With Pencil

Learning how to draw with pencil or any other drawing instruments, such as pastels, markers, brushes, pens, or charcoal, can be a little challenging. But in the end, making art is actually pleasurable and therapeutic. Drawing with a pencil is the very first step to becoming a potential artist. Similarly, a person has to learn first the basics of walking before he can be a good runner. While it may be tricky making the initial sketches and strokes, the rule is that drawing with pencil is 70% observation and the remaining 30% is how you use it. Read carefully the following steps.

  1. Have materials needed. Before you can begin your work, you must have at least 3 drawing pencils: 4B, 2B, and HB. The 4B pencil produces the darkest hue compared to the other two. The 2B is a little softer, while the HB is the typically pencil. You can actually choose more kinds, but for a beginner, the three mentioned suffice.

    Also, a gum eraser comes in handy. It can be kneaded into various shapes.

    You’ll need a basic sketchbook to draw in and track your progress. For the drawing lamp, choose a brand that can be clamped onto a table easily and can be flexibly rotated in any direction.

  2. Choose your working space. It is best if you work in a well-lit area although you still should use your drawing lamp.

  3. Start with a basic outline. It has to be very light as it’s just to serve as a guide. Meaning, you should avoid making it darker because it may be harder to erase later on.

    For example, if you intend to draw a bird, lightly draw a circle to represent the head of the bird, which will, later on, contain the needed facial details. Draw a half-circle right below the first circle for the bird’s body. Then draw a cone shape for the bird’s tail. Sketch the bird’s head and body by making feather shapes. Then draw the details on the head like the eyes and beak. As for the feet, draw lines from the bird’s body. Lastly, add in details for the tail.

  4. Shade the sketch. Use your 2B pencil to provide shadows. What is important is that all the pencil strokes go in just one direction. For darker shadows, use your 4B pencil.

  5. Fix your drawing. The meaning of the word “fix” is the use of a certain chemical to keep your drawing from smudging. Instead of buying a specific product, you can just use hair spray.

Learning the basic rules of drawing cannot be done overnight. But with constant practice on how to draw with pencil, you will start getting better and faster over time. Whatever is the result of your first drawing, don’t get discouraged.


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