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How to Drench a Goat

How to Drench a Goat

Goats are highly susceptible to parasites and most goats have worms inside their stomach. Farm animals are fed with pastures in the field. The goats’ closer contact to the ground can possibly give way to plants infested with maggots or other parasites. Drenching your goat is the best solution to kill the parasites inside its stomach. Check these ideas out on how to drench a goat - it might be the ultimate step needed to save the lives of your frail goats:

  1. Use an appropriate drug for anti-parasites. Anti-parasitic drugs are available in different forms. Consult a veterinarian to recommend the proper drugs and correct dosage for your goats. A known anti-parasitic medicine is called “anthelmintics.” This medicine is effective in controlling or even eradicating worms inside the stomach. Make sure that before administering this drug, you have consulted a vet.

  2. Consider the season before you decide to drench a goat. Drenching is more effective with the right strategies. Give your goat the treatment before spring.

    ost veterinarians recommend this season for treatment to control the summer outbreak of worms; the worms are more active if the rain falls in this season.  It is also ideal if the goats were drenched before taking them to the field to graze; the goats can progress well and will develop immunity this way.

  3. Use a drench gun to efficiently administer the anti-parasitic medicine. Purchase a disposable or a re-usable drench gun. To practice filling the exact amount of liquid to be disbursed by the gun, load certain doses first using water. Squirt the water into a measuring cup to ensure it disposes the same measurement. Make several trials to make sure it works well. When you know that the drench gun is functioning well, you can be confident in administering the correct dose. Study the information that goes with the drug.

  4. Get the accurate weight of the goat to calculate the proper dosage of medicine to be administered. This can be done upon consulting a vet, or you may follow the given instructions from the medicine label.

  5. Do not feed the goat 12 hours before you drench it, but provide it with sufficient water. Water will help the goat to sustain its energy until its normal feeding resumes.

  6. Begin drenching the goat. Ready the drench gun with medicine in it. Stay beside the goat so that you can easily bring it under your control.  Place your left arm across its body and then take hold of the goat’s lower jaw. Gently open its mouth while holding the drench gun in your right hand. If the goat is already under your control, put the drench gun right away inside its mouth. Place the gun on the left side of its mouth near its cheek, and then push the medicine out into its mouth. Remove the gun quickly and gently position the goat’s head upwards while closing its mouth to make sure that it swallowed the medicine.

  7. Do not allow the goat to eat for at least four hours after drenching to make sure that the medicine will take effect You must continue giving the goat enough water during this process. After this procedure, let the goat enjoy its meal as you bring back its normal feeding routine.

The above procedures on how to drench a goat are important strategies to undertake to maintain good health for your goat.


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