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How to Dress Like Serena Van Der Woodsen

How to Dress Like Serena Van Der Woodsen

If you’ve watched and followed the hit TV series “Gossip Girl,” then you know who Serena Van Der Woodsen is. As the “it girl” of Upper East Side, Serena has a fan base of many girls who look up to her as their ultimate fashion and style icon because of her impeccable style and outstanding sense of fashion. Unlike Serena’s best friend, Blair Waldorf, you don’t need to have high-end clothes and accessories for a Serena Van Der Woodsen look. In fact, simply mixing and matching the clothes in your closet can go a long way. Here are some tips on how to dress like Serena Van Der Woodsen:

  1. Wear skinny jeans. As the boho chic type, Serena wears skinny jeans all the time. With supermodel Kate Moss as an inspiration for her wardrobe, Serena opts to pair denim skinny jeans with blazers, jackets, and boots. Furthermore, these jeans are a great way to show off her long legs, so if you are long-legged like Serena, do not be afraid to put on some skinny jeans.

  2. Invest in well-cut jackets. Serena loves wearing good-fitting jackets and blazers.

    all, jackets are staples for anyone living in New York City. Serena just takes it a notch higher by wearing jackets with the right cut, so that she always looks well put-together even with just a simple tank top underneath. You can wear any color and type of jackets—gray, black, gold, red, brown, denim, and even sequined ones. She also loves wearing vests atop white tank tops. During the cold weather, Serena usually dons neutral-colored coats.

  3. Don casual dresses. If you want to channel your girly side, you can wear dresses a la Serena Van Der Woodsen. Serena loves short and tight dresses, which show off her beautiful figure and flawless legs. Her dresses are not as girly as Blair’s are, and she wears them with bold accessories, such as layered necklaces, belts, and big bags. She also likes wearing dresses that have accents like sequins, patterns, and studs. Lastly, she enjoys wearing maxi dresses as well.

  4. Wear leggings underneath skirts and dresses. Like Blair, Serena loves wearing leggings and pantyhose, especially during the cold winter months. She combines them with tank tops and jackets that usually feature studs. She also likes wearing knee-high socks combined with skirts and shorts, especially for school. Whereas Blair likes her leggings in bold colors, Serena prefers the standard black and gray leggings and pantyhose stockings.

  5. Add jewelry like necklaces and bangles. You will notice that in almost every scene of “Gossip Girl,” she’s wearing a necklace. These necklaces are usually long, and she likes layering several to achieve a bohemian look. She also likes wearing short necklaces but with big and bold details and colors. Bangles are not Serena Van Der Woodsen staples, but she does wear them occasionally to accessorize an otherwise simple outfit.

  6. Accessorize with hats, scarves, and bags. Serena occasionally wears hats, but not the girly kinds that Blair wears. She usually goes for masculine hats in earthy colors and wears them on top of her messy wavy hair. If she’s wearing a coat, she pairs it with big, cozy scarves. As for bags, Serena loves carrying really big designer bags that are usually dark-colored.

  7. Rock great shoes. Although Serena loves wearing boots in general, especially when paired with leggings and skinny jeans, she actually wears any kind of shoes, depending on her outfit. In the show, she is seen wearing stilettos, pumps, peep toes, flats, and more.

While it is helpful to know how to dress like Serena Van Der Woodsen, you may want to figure out your own personal style. You can get a lot of tips from Serena, but ultimately, you should add your own touches so that it becomes your own unique style.


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