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How to Dress to Look Tall and Skinny

How to Dress to Look Tall and Skinny

If you have a problem with your height or your weight, dressing the right way can present the illusion that you are taller and slimmer than you really are. There are a lot of fashion tips and tricks to help you achieve the right look. The tips below on how to dress to look tall and skinny are easy to follow and instantly help you look and feel more confident.

  1. Set a slim foundation. And by this we mean setting the stage with slimming undergarments. Body shapers, like corsets and butt-shaping undergarments, help make certain body areas appear firmer by preventing excess weight from jiggling around. Look for undergarments that work to keep your larger areas in check but are still comfortable to wear.

  2.  Wear a monochromatic outfit. Choose tops and bottoms of the same hue. Though it is true that darker colors may slim you, a monochromatic outfit in lighter colors can work as well. Just be careful not to choose colors that are too bright, such as red and orange, since they may attract too much attention to certain areas.


  3.  Opt for turtleneck or V-neck tops. Turtlenecks give the impression of a longer neck and make you look taller. It also conceals any double chins, which can make a rounder face more flattering. V-necks, on the other hand, give an illusion of a deeper neckline. This makes your upper body look leaner and again adds to height.

  4.  Go for maxi skirts. Short women can use maxi skirts to their advantage, provided that the skirt is well-cut and does not have bold patterns or too many layers. Choose maxi skirts with a long, vertical silhouette, but not so long that you tend to step on it and trip. For more height, wear a pair of heels underneath to maximize the illusion.

  5. Wear flared jeans. Choose fitted jeans that flare at the leg opening. This creates the illusion of longer legs and thus makes you look taller and skinnier. Opt for pants that have the hem hitting the top part of your heels or boots, with the waistband where your waist really is (not any lower). These are best paired with tucked-in blouses.

  6. Avoid loud prints and ruffles. Attention-grabbing patterns may be striking, but do not bode well if you want to conceal extra fat and look taller. Large prints, along with ruffles, pleats and other additional layering, make you appear bulkier, so it’s best to opt for simpler clothes.

  7. Choose your shoes well. Of course, wearing heels is the most basic solution to look taller and skinnier. However, you also have to consider other factors if you really want to look slimmer. For example, you should avoid ankle straps since they cut off the legs and make them appear shorter. Chunky platforms may add more volume to the lower legs, so if you really want to look slim throughout, go for concealed platforms. Lastly, opt for pointy flats and nude-colored heels as they make your legs look longer.

  8. Try high-waisted jeans or shorts. What’s great about these clothing pieces is that they make your legs look much longer since they set your waist a bit higher than where it really is. Match these items with blouses tucked into the waistband. You can even add in a skinny belt to emphasize the high waistband.

  9. Use stripes to your advantage. It’s a well-known fact that wearing items with vertical stripes add to your height and make you look slimmer.

When you apply these easy tips and tricks on how to dress to look tall and skinny, people will be complimenting you in no time. Use this guide to create all your ensembles, whether it’s your everyday office outfit or the next special occasion. You’ll surely feel more gorgeous and confident.


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