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How to Dress to Look Thinner

How to Dress to Look Thinner

The question of how to dress to look thinner probably occurs to millions of women all over the world at any given time. While out shopping, or standing in front of the closet, or preparing to go out, looking good is always a top priority. And there’s no question that looking thinner does make a difference in how others perceive someone. Clothes may not affect the actual size of a person, but certain clothes do add bulk while others float, drape, and fall; some cling, some skim, some stand away from the body. Knowing how clothes, fabrics, and certain cuts work for or against you will help you make good fashion choices suited to your body and lifestyle. Nothing makes you look thinner and better than clothes that match both your body and your activity level. Study and apply the following concepts and use them to your advantage.

  1. Good clothes fit and look better when the undergarments provide adequate support. This cannot be emphasized enough. The body is like a sculpture: without a good, complementary base, the sculpture itself diminishes in appeal.

    Wear undergarments that shape and provide a smooth, firm base. A correctly fitting bra, support wear, control-top pantyhose, even the occasional padded bra or underpants, all help towards achieving a good foundation for the rest of your clothes. Pick your undergarments wisely.

  2. Consider your shape. We are all shaped differently, and sometimes our shape plays a big role in our appearance. But actually, thin doesn’t have anything to do with shape. A person can be pear-, apple-, straight- shaped while being thin. The key is proportion. The body must look balanced from head to toe and the lines visually elongated to give the illusion of leanness. So take stock of your body and learn which parts to enhance or offset. If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, opt for clothes that have some detail, focal point, or attraction around the shoulder area to balance the width of the hips. A generous chest may make you look plump when you wear double-breasted blazers or top-heavy blouses; instead, wear tops with minimum details on top and balance it with printed, flowy bottoms. Remember to maintain proportion.

  3. Choose your clothes. Assess all clothing and take into consideration fabric, texture, print, and color. Thick fabrics, heavy textures, loud and large prints, and strong colors all add emphasis and draw attention. Wear these articles on the parts of your body that need to stand out. The parts that are already prominent need to be covered with fabric that smoothly flow and have little or no additional details. Check to see if the cut elongates your body: boot-cut jeans, A-line dress or skirts, long and tapered cuts with minimal horizontal details, monochromatic color schemes all present a continuous line that best promotes a lean look. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that tight, form-fitting clothes automatically make you look thinner: they could defeat the purpose when they instead show off every bump and fat roll that should be hidden.

In addition, use accessories to complete your look. Shoes, purses, overcoats can spoil your outfit when they add clutter and volume. Wear scarves, long necklaces, dangly earrings that add the illusion of line and height. Distribute your stuff into a lean purse, tote, and portfolio so that you’re not weighed down by a single, hefty bag. And wear shoes that make your legs look slim instead of bottom-heavy. These are just some of the things you must look out for when you want to learn how to dress to look thinner.


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