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How to Dress Up Like a Cowgirl

How to Dress Up Like a Cowgirl

Dressing up like a cowgirl is a great fashion statement that exudes masculinity and femininity at the same time. It is not hard to do. Just take a look at your closet and mix and match clothes to look like a cowgirl. You don’t even need to buy fancy costumes to achieve this look. If you want to sport this practical yet fashionable look, here are the steps on how to dress up like a cowgirl:

  1. Find a pair of worn-out denim jeans. Tight-fitting worn-out jeans are best suited for cowgirl costumes. To look like a real cowgirl, choose jeans that you don’t mind getting dirty. Slightly ripped jeans work well; however, too many tears result more so in a grunge look. If you would like to go for a sexier cowgirl look, choose a denim skirt instead.

  2. Put on a checkered or plaid button-up shirt. It can either be short or long-sleeved. If you choose the latter, roll up the sleeves to your elbows. For a racier look, tie the ends of the two bottom halve to expose your tummy a la Britney Spears. You could also wear a white tank top underneath and leave the upper area unbuttoned.

    nother option is to find a plaid shirt with a leather suede style and fringes on the sleeves. Again, if you want a sexier look, find a denim halter top to go with your jeans.

  3. Get a cowboy hat. Of course, no cowboy or cowgirl costume looks complete without a signature cowboy hat. A western style cowboy hat comes in many different colors. If you want to look like a real cowgirl, choose one with medallions and braids. As for your hair, just wear it low in either braids or pigtails, since these are the most common cowgirl hairstyles. Do not wear your hair in a bun nor use a headband.

  4. Don a pair of cowboy boots. If you have leather boots, they can pass for authentic cowgirl boots. If not, you can use boots made of faux leather and exotic animal skins like snake and alligator skin. The most common cowboy boot colors used are black and brown, but red or white cowboy boots look really good on cowgirls, especially if you are gunning for uniqueness.

  5. Accessorize your look. Jeans, shirt, hat, and boots already make you look like a cowgirl, but you can complete your look by adding cowboy accessories, such as a bandana, belt, and a toy pistol. Real cowboys and cowgirls wear bandanas around their necks in order to absorb sweat after a hard day of working on the ranch. Tie the bandana around your neck in such a way that the triangle faces a little sideways to the front. As for the belt, find a Western-style belt made of brown leather with gold or silver buckles.

When figuring out how to dress up like a cowgirl, remember to wear very light or no makeup for a natural look. After all, real cowgirls do not put on makeup. If you do not have the clothes and accessories right in your closet, just go to the thrift store to find them, since real leather boots can be expensive. The important part of putting together a cowgirl costume is enjoying it and having a good time.


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