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How to Dress with Glamour

How to Dress with Glamour

Many girls dream of being glamorous. As they flip through their favorite fashion magazines, they cannot help but desire to be just like the women and celebrities in those magazine pages—sexy, flawless, and beautiful. They probably think that they cannot possibly become like them. But what they do not realize is that glamour is not just confined to models and divas. Everyone can look, feel, and act glamorous, even if they were not cut straight out of those magazine pages. It all starts with dressing the part, so here are some useful and actionable tips on how to dress with glamour:

  1. Wear clothes that highlight your natural features. You do not always have to follow the trend, especially if it does not suit you. Determine your body shape, and then wear clothes that best fit your shape. For instance, clothes with shoulder pads and puffs are better worn by people with petite frames. Girls with broad shoulders should avoid them like the plague, even if those shoulder puffs are popular at the moment. Women with hourglass figures look great in wrap dresses and blouses.

    No matter what your body shape is, there is a cut of clothing that is right for you.

  2. Coordinate your clothes. Glamour is all about mixing and matching clothes to see which works best for you. This is more important than buying expensive, branded clothes. In fact, you can mix and match clothes from a thrift shop and still look glamorous, as long as you coordinate your outfit. But that does not mean that your clothes should be of one solid color. Choose a limited color palette composed of complementary colors, such as purple, blue, and green, or red, orange, and yellow.

  3. Always dress appropriately. You do not need to be dressed in a ball gown every time you go out. Even just a simple combination of a silk top, skinny jeans, and high heels is enough to make your look glamorous and elegant. Dress appropriately for the occasion. For example, wear a chic cocktail dress for evening parties or a stylish jumper for a summer road trip. You should also exert some effort on your looks every time you go out. For example, if you are going jogging, do not put on a sloppily matched outfit like baggy jogging pants and an oversized shirt. Instead, you can wear a velour tracksuit with a matching graphic tee and durable sneakers.

  4. Accessorize. Your accessories can spell the difference between drab and glamorous. For example, you can don a simple white top for a week straight and simply change the accessories to make a huge and dramatic change in your everyday look. For a more expensive and glamorous look, wear jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. During the day, you can go for fancy jewelry or jewelry with small gems. In the evening, you can level up and put on some diamonds or pearls that match your outfit. Always remember that if you decide to wear silver earrings, your necklace and bracelet should also be made of silver so that everything is coordinated. Aside from jewelry, you can also accessorize your outfits with bags and purses, sunglasses, headbands, and scarves.

  5. Be confident. You will not look glamorous if you do not act confident, no matter how good you look. It is not enough that you look glamorous; you have to feel and think glamorous so that other people will also perceive you as such. Being confident means having good posture, speaking up when needed, and acting friendly and sociable with other people. You should also avoid putting yourself down, but do not act airily towards other people. Just the right amount of self-confidence will do to make you look and feel glamorous.

Knowing how to dress with glamour is more than just getting your personal style pat down. It also involves how well you carry yourself in front of other people so that you end up glamorous inside and out.


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