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how to drill a hole in glass

how to drill a hole in glass

Recent engineering designs involve the use of glass as an alternative building material other than wood. Since glass is a very fragile material, it must be handled with care and caution. Thus, it is important to know how to drill a hole in glass safely and effectively. When you use glass, it is inevitable that you will have to drill holes into it. Therefore, it is highly important to do the drilling properly to keep the glass from breaking into pieces. The process is a little difficult and must be done with caution. Here are steps on how to safely drill holes in glass:

  1. Purchase a glass drill bit. For holes smaller than half an inch in diameter, you can use a round head drill bit. For larger holes, it is best to use a hollow glass drill bit. Buy a diamond coated tip and not one coated with tungsten carbide as the former is much sharper.

  2. Have safety gadgets and a clean working area. When drilling holes in glass, use your safety goggles to protect your eyes from the fine glass chips.

    Wear safety leather gloves when handling your glass so you don’t get cut. The edges of glass can be very sharp, so be very careful.

  3. Identify the spot that you have to drill. With the use of a special tool or a diamond cutting tool, mark the spot where you want to drill a hole. This will reduce the possibility of breaking the rest of the glass.

  4. Prepare tools and start drilling. Make sure that your drill bits are sharp. Start drilling at low speed and apply constant pressure. Gradually increase the speed as needed.

    When drilling big holes, start drilling with a smaller drill bit until you reach the desired size. To keep the glass from breaking while drilling, when you are halfway through the glass, turn it over and drill on the other side.

Admittedly, drilling holes in whatever material is not simple, particularly glass. There are steps and safety precautions that you have to follow in terms of how to drill a hole in glass so you can get the job done perfectly.


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