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how to drive a car step by step

how to drive a car step by step

This article will help people who want first-hand knowledge on how to drive a car step by step before they actually get in front of the car’s steering wheel and take a practice drive. It really pays to have advance working knowledge on the safety and precautionary measures of driving. Car driving is not like learning the alphabet. The steps may look easy, but it is not, especially if the driver is hounded with vehicles and pedestrian traffic from left to right and front and back while on the road. The following steps will teach you to drive a car. They also incorporate the safety measures that a driver should know before starting the car’s engine and heading out on a trip.

    1. Check the car. Take a closer look at the car’s tires and spare tires to see if they are properly inflated. Check also the knots on the tires if they are still tight, especially before heading out on a long drive. Check the headlights, signal lights, and brake lights if they are not broken. Check the side mirror for some cracks. Check also the windshield and windshield wipers.


    2. Check the tools and the early warning devices. The secret here is to be always prepared in case of engine trouble while out on the road. In case engine trouble does happen, install or put the early warning devices on the road to serve as a warning to other motorists that the engine is indeed in trouble, and some help is needed.

    3. Check the instrument panel and all of the indicators. All these must be functional. Common indicators to be checked are the signal lights, brake lights, hazard signals, fuel level indicators, engine temperature, wheel balance, and the car’s global positioning system, if any.

    4. Check the shift lever to find out if the car’s transmission gears are engaged or not. If engaged in any gear other than the neutral gear, then shift the gear into a neutral position. This procedure works the same for cars with manual or automatic transmission.

    5. Disengage the hand brakes. The hand brakes can usually be found on the side of the driver or underneath the steering column assembly.

    6. Put on seat belts. As the driver, do remind the passengers to put on their seat belts too.

    7. Insert the key into the ignition and turn on the engine.

    8. Once the engine starts running, do not engage any of the gears and step on the accelerator pedal to listen to the engine’s sound and condition. By doing this, the driver can easily determine whether the engine is in good condition or not.

    9. Slowly step on the clutch pedal and shift the transmission lever to first gear. Slowly release the clutch pedal and at the same time slowly step on the accelerator pedal to move the car.

    10. When the car moves, initially check the brakes if they are functioning properly by simply stepping on the brakes and the clutch at the same time. The clutch should be depressed together with the brakes so that the engine continues to run. Otherwise, the engine will jerk and immediately stop.

    11. When the car is in motion, do listen to the engine while accelerating and changing gears by stepping on the clutch again and shifting the transmission lever into second gear. The process remains the same when engaging into third gear and so forth.

    12. Making a stop. When you need to stop, step on the clutch slowly and also step on the brake pedal slowly until the car completely stops. Do not release the clutch pedal even when the car has come to a complete stop unless the car is engaged into neutral gear. Otherwise, the engine will jerk.

By familiarizing yourself with the controls and practicing your reflexes, the procedures on how to drive a car step by step can become manageable. Constant practice and incorporating safety measures while driving makes the experience a safe one. Remember, always drive with prudence![three_fourth last="no"]...[/three_fourth]  


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