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how to drive a manual car

how to drive a manual car

When the manual car transmission dominated the car industry, more people knew how to drive a manual car. But as technology progressed, the automatic car transmission came into the picture, and fewer people used manual cars. On one hand, in a car with manual transmission, the driver has to be  familiar with more controls to make the car run. Tw0 of the most important controls are the clutch and the shift lever. The clutch allows the driver to shift from one gear to another with the shift lever. On the other hand, in a car equipped with an automatic transmission, the clutch is not part of the process of making the car run and shifting gears. Instead, as the car accelerates, the engine transmission automatically shifts gear. The same happens when the car also slows down. At any rate, let us find out how to drive a car with manual transmission.

  1. Check the shift lever and set it to a neutral mode. For beginners, before the car’s ignition is turned on, the shift lever should be checked and engaged in a neutral mode.

    therwise, the car will jerk and the engine will quickly stop.

    The engine can be turned on also without engaging the gear in a neutral mode by simply pressing the clutch and the brakes down at the same time while the car’s ignition switch is turned on. In this case, pressing the clutch down allows the engine to start and pressing down the brakes ensures the car does not run in whatever gear it is engaged in.

  2. Release the hand brake. The hand brake is usually located on the side of the driver or near the steering wheel on the car’s dashboard. If the hand brakes are not properly disengaged while the car is running, that may cause damage to your car.

    The hand brakes should be released either before or after the engine starts. When the vehicle starts to move in whatever gear, the hand brakes should be perfectly disengaged.

  3. Ignition. Of course the car will not start unless you put the key in the ignition and turn it on. Once the ignition switch is turned on, you are ready to step on the clutch and slowly shift the lever into first gear.

  4. Step on the clutch and release the clutch slowly. Step on the clutch and shift into first gear. As first gear is engaged, slowly step on the accelerator with your right foot and slowly release the clutch. The clutch must be slowly released so the engine does not jerk and eventually stop running. This process is only necessary when you engage in first gear. With second gear and so on, the clutch can be released right after the shift lever is shifted from one gear to another.

  5. Step on the gas and accelerate slowly. Don’t get too excited. When driving, drive with caution and more importantly, drive wisely. Always remember that driving is only a privilege and not a right. Being a driver, you have the responsibility and obligation to be a traffic law abider and not reckless. Be prudent in driving and always be careful.

  6. Remove your foot from the clutch. While the car is running, your right foot must not be riding the clutch. Auto mechanics call it “driver rides on clutch.” This will cause damage to the clutch disk and on the other parts of the clutch assembly.

  7. Change gears. Accelerate and depress the clutch again, and at the same time, simultaneously release the accelerator pedal. When the gear is properly coupled to the next gear, then it is time again to step on the gas. The same process should be followed as the gears are shifted to further high gears.

  8. After taking a drive or when a stop is necessary, when you are in a high gear, simply step on the clutch and shift the lever until it reaches a neutral position and slowly step on the brakes. This will bring the car to a complete stop, while the engine is still running. When both the car and the engine have come to a complete stop, don’t forget to engage the hand brake, switch off the ignition switch, and lock the doors.

Today, although automatic transmissions are primarily used in luxury vehicles and sports utility vehicles, manual car transmission remains the most widely used, especially in developing countries. Just in case your car is equipped with a manual transmission, then the steps above will surely help you a lot. For beginners, mastering this step-by-step procedure on how to drive a manual car is highly recommended. Remember, drive wisely and safely. Happy driving!  


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