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how to drive in snow and ice

how to drive in snow and ice

The basics and the fundamentals of ordinary car driving, in one way or the other, are useful in learning how to drive in snow and ice. As you learn to drive, you will uncover many important things. Driving in snow and ice presents the toughest challenge. While dealing with icy roads and freezing weather conditions, you should make sure that you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Extreme caution is necessary when driving in wintry conditions. Obviously, during the winter season the road gets covered with thick ice unless properly scrapped and closely monitored by the authorities. Hence, driving on this kind of chilly road condition requires caution and prudence. Be as it may, the following procedures will definitely help you drive on snowy and icy roads.

  1. Check your car. Before hitting the road, you should examine the overall condition of your car, most especially your brakes. The brakes should work well even with the slightest touch on the brake pedal. The top tip to driving on an icy road is driving with entirely functional brakes.

    Of course, drive slowly.

    Before you start hitting the road whether it is just a drive in the neighborhood or for a long trip, all necessary precautionary measures must be taken. In so doing, you can be sure that you won’t get stuck in the middle of the road. In other words, don’t be neglectful.

  2. Wear seatbelts properly. All passengers in the car, including you as the driver, must wear their seat-belts while the car is on the road. It is better to stay safe than be sorry later. Remember that when driving in snow and ice, the possibility of getting into minor accident is more likely. Accidents can happen any time no matter how prudent you are. But at least being cautious can effectively mitigate the risk.

  3. Check the defroster and wipers of your windshield for better road visibility. Always make sure that these two are working well as they are responsible for providing excellent visibility while on the road. During the winter, the frost will take its toll on the windshield. It really pays if you thoroughly check your defroster and windshield wipers ahead of time.

  4. Check your signal lights. These lights must be strong enough to notify other drivers every time you make a turn, apply the brakes to stop, or when you change lanes. Good signal lights can thwart vehicle collisions and any unwanted road fatalities.

  5. Drive slowly. This is very basic tip; driving is not racing. The objective is to stay safe all the time while on the road. In the winter, driving slowly is the most practical rule to adopt. You have to be prepared and proceed driving with extreme caution.

    When you are negotiating turns, changing lanes, or making a stop, always give sufficient warning to both the incoming traffic and the vehicles trailing at your back. Be sure to maintain regular distance in between cars.

  6. If your car has a traction control system, check it and make sure it is working. The traction control system serves as the indicator if the wheel spins over an icy road. By the time the system detects that the wheel is spinning, then it immediately applies the acceleration needed.

  7. Don’t accelerate too much when stuck on an icy road or when starting becomes difficult. When the wheel starts to spin, the icy road underneath the tires becomes more slippery. To remedy the problem, don’t put more pressure on the accelerator pedal. Accelerate slowly instead.

  8. The anti-lock brake system. In case your car is not equipped with an anti-lock brake system, do not step on the brakes in an abrupt manner. Step on it slowly to keep the brakes from locking and eventually prevent the car from skidding off the road.

By simply keeping in mind the above tips, then you will know correctly how to drive in snow and ice. Always be extra careful and cautious in driving no matter what. Keep your car well-maintained and well-conditioned.  


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