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how to dry clean clothes

how to dry clean clothes

There are simple yet effective ways on how to dry clean clothes. In fact, the drying process will only take a few minutes. Take note, however, some fabrics take longer to dry than others. If you have the money, you don’t have to bother dry cleaning your clothes all by yourself. All you have to do is drop them off at the local dry cleaner and pick them up on time. The same is true among working professionals, who do not have time to dry clean their garments. However, if you are into saving money, you can cut your daily expenses by dry cleaning your clothes all by yourself. You just have to go to the department store’s laundry section and purchase a dry cleaning kit. Aside from the kit, you will also need a dryer, hangers, and some fabric conditioners to keep your clothes soft and fresh. For practical reasons, it is best to have your clothes dry cleaned at home. Just go through the following simple steps.

  1. Purchase a dry cleaning kit. In the grocery store, you can find plenty of dry cleaning products.

    hoose the best in quality but with the lowest price. Always remember that you are saving money. If you purchase expensive dry cleaning products, you will defeat the purpose.

  2. Carefully read the product precautions and instructions. Read the label of the dry cleaning product. Carefully reading the instructions and precautions will ensure that your task is easy and safe.

  3. Sort your clothes. Put the same kinds of clothes together in cleaning bags. Do not mix them up. White clothes must be separated from the colored ones to avoid color contamination.

  4. Make use of your dry cleaning bag. Place your clothes inside the bag, close the bag and then put it inside the dryer. If you would like to put some fabric conditioner on your clothes, apply the conditioner before you close the dry cleaning bag.

    If your clothes are stained, apply some stain remover or bleach. Sprinkle only a small amount of stain remover on the area. Place a paper towel underneath the area where the stain is located.

  5. Fill the dry cleaning bag with clothes according to instructions. Place your clothes inside the dry cleaning bag, observing the suggested load size listed on the bag. Zip-close the bag and place it inside the dryer.

  6. Set the dryer according to the instructions of the clothing material. It is important that you follow the instructions on the garment’s tag to avoid fading and damaging your clothes due to excessive heat.

  7. Remove the clothes as soon as the dryer cycle ends. After removing your clothes, get your hangers and hang your clothes in open air.

Taking care of your dry cleaning at home means you don’t have to spend your money at the laundry shop. In addition, there is no need to rush. Just do the job as part of your relaxation time during the weekend. Learning how to dry clean clothes won’t present much of a burden.


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