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how to dry clean clothes at home

how to dry clean clothes at home

Dry cleaning your clothes is very important. Doing so ensures that you can always wear them with pride anywhere you go. However, if you are often going to a dry cleaner’s, the cost will surely use up your monthly budget. In order to save you money, you can buy a dry cleaning kit and start dry cleaning at home. One well-known drying kit on the market includes Dryel and Woolite. If you don’t know yet how to dry clean clothes at home, you should learn how to do so. There are instructions and pamphlets you can read to learn how it is done. You should know that garments that are made of silk or knitted are good candidates for dry cleaning. Here are the steps that you follow.

  1. On your clothes tag, you can find instructions. Read them carefully as well as the instructions on how to remove stains, which you can also find in your dry cleaning kit. Although you cannot perfect the skill overnight, more practice will help you remember the right way to do dry clean at home.

  2. Place a paper towel beneath stained areas.

    strong> This is done so that you can start your dry cleaning for the day.

  3. Add a stain remover on that particular area, then you can evaluate the results. Look for a cleaning cloth inside the kit and wipe the area. If the test turns out okay, you can look for other stains and do the same.

  4. Put the article of clothing inside the bag for dry cleaning after removing the paper towels. You can do it also directly on the dryer. When using a dry cleaning bag, add clothes until it is half full and then put it in the dryer.

  5. Set the dry to spin for at least 30 minutes. Now, set the dryer to spin for 30 minutes at medium heat. It is important to have the right settings in place in order to properly remove any stains.

  6. Promptly remove the clothes from the dryer. You can then hang them in a well-lit area to inspect and make sure there are no more stains and that you properly and thoroughly dry-cleaned your clothes.

Now that you have all the instructions for how to dry clean clothes at home, you can always do so on regular basis, which will help you get better at it. You probably cannot do a perfect job the first few times, but over time, you’ll get better at it and be able to perfectly dry clean clothes yourself in no time.  


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