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how to dry peppers

how to dry peppers

When you find yourself with plenty of extra peppers after the harvest, knowing how to dry peppers is one good way to preserve all those flavors. There are many other ways to preserve peppers, but drying them is easy to do and results in long-lasting peppers when stored properly. Most people prefer to dry peppers because the process intensifies the flavor, resulting in a hotter taste. There are different ways to dry your peppers and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. When dealing with peppers, you have to take necessary precautions because the chili flavor can be irritating to your skin and eyes. Before beginning these methods, you should remove the stems for your peppers. The exception to this rule is when dealing with the final method. Don’t forget to wear gloves. Oven: This is convenient since most people already have ovens in their homes. Be prepared for the kitchen to warm up due to the excessive heat. This method may also require a good deal of time to dry the peppers fully.

  1. Place the peppers in a pan, lining them up in a single layer.


  2. Set your oven to its lowest temperature. Your goal is to dry them without cooking them. The peppers should not get soft nor turn black or brown.

  3. Place the peppers inside and keep the oven door slightly ajar. If the peppers start to cook, open the door wider.

  4. Flip the peppers every hour to dry them evenly. You can flip them more often if they begin to cook.

  5. Once they are dried up, remove them and let them cool. Afterward, place them in an airtight container.

Food Dehydrator: This is the easiest and most efficient tool in drying up your peppers. This method is simple and results in evenly dried peppers.
  1. Place the peppers in the tray that comes with the dehydrator. Make sure there is space between each pepper for airflow.

  2. Place your dehydrator in a well-ventilated area. Set the temperature to 135 degrees. Leave it there for 10 to12 hours.

  3. If the peppers are in a variety of sizes, check earlier to see which ones have already dried out. Set aside the dried ones.

  4. Store the peppers in an airtight container.

Drying Indoors:  This method is a little more time consuming; if you decide to use this method choose a well-ventilated area.
  1. Arrange your peppers on a plate or a tray. Lay them flat and in a single layer.

  2. Place the tray in a warm and dry place, but keep in mind that the area should be well ventilated.

  3. Regularly flip the peppers. Check for peppers that are turning soft, which is a sign of spoilage. Discard them right away.

  4. Depending on the warmth of the area, your peppers should be dry in one or two weeks.

  5. Store in an airtight container.

Drying Outdoors: There are two ways to do this and both methods will yield good results, especially on a sunny day. Look for an area with maximum sun exposure. If you have sliced peppers, cover them with a net.
  1. Follow the same steps mentioned above. The only difference is that you are placing the tray outdoors.

  2. The second way is to use peppers with their stems still attached Using a needle and thread, string the peppers, leaving adequate space between each.

  3. Hang the string of peppers in a warm, sunny place. They will dry in one or two weeks.

Choose which method of how to dry peppers best suits you. Consider where you live, especially the temperature. For long-term storage, keep them in a dry, airtight container.


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