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How to Dye a Purple Streak in Hair

How to Dye a Purple Streak in Hair

While a lot of people dye their hair black or brown, few people have the audacity to go all-out pink, blue, or purple. That is because these colors are less common and more attention-grabbing than the basic black or brown colors. Furthermore, there is always that fear that such bold colors might not look great on you. Hence, adding a streak of color to your hair is a great way to show your creativity and add some edge to your look without going all-out pink or purple. Once you have tested the waters by dyeing a purple streak in your hair, you can later decide to color your hair entirely with purple. Here are the steps on how to dye a purple streak in hair:

  1. Decide on the kind of streaks you want to put in your hair. Most people opt for one bold purple streak running down the side, as it is subtle and edgy at the same time. However, you may also opt to go for the punk look by adding several purple streaks running from the roots to tips. The best thing to do is to start with one streak, and if you happen to like it, you can add more.

  2. Prepare the bleaching and streaking supplies.

    The supplies that you need for making purple streaks in your hair partially depend on your current hair color. If your hair is light-colored, you can do away with bleaching. However, if you have dark-colored hair, you need to bleach your hair first. The following are the things you need for the whole process:

    A. Bleach powder (for dark hair)

    B. Crème developer, 20 or 30 volume for light-colored hair, 40 volume for dark-colored hair

    C. Red gold collector (for dark hair)

    D. Purple shampoo (for dark hair)

    E. Aluminum foil

    F. Hair clips

    G. Highlighting cap

    H. Non-metal bowl

    I. Tint brush

    J. Purple hair dye

    Alternatively, you can buy a streaking kit so that you have all the supplies you need in just one kit.

  3. Avoid subjecting your hair to chemicals for several days prior to bleaching or dyeing. The bleaching and dyeing process will dry your hair, so you should make sure that your hair's natural oils serve as protection to prevent it from becoming damaged and brittle. That said, avoid shampooing your hair or applying any other chemical products for a few days before you plan to streak your hair. If possible, apply coconut oil to your hair the night before and leave it in overnight.

  4. Separate your hair. Pull out the sections that you want to color and separate them from the rest of your hair. You can do this by putting on a special highlighting cap that has tiny holes in it through which you can pull the strands of your hair that you want to highlight. This is perfect if you want to create multiple purple streaks. If you just want one or a few highlights, you can use clips and aluminum foils instead. Simply pull back the hair that you do not want to dye, clip it, and then take a long strip of foil and place it under the hair section that you want to dye purple.

  5. Bleach your hair. If your hair is dark, you should first bleach your hair before attempting the purple streaks. Mix the bleach, crème developer, and red gold corrector in a non-metallic bowl, following the instructions in the packaging to know the amount that you need to combine. Apply the bleach on the section that you want to dye, using a tint brush. Make sure that you bleach from roots to tips. Afterwards, cover your hair with a plastic wrap if you are using a highlighting cap. If you are using aluminum foil, fold the foil over the hair to keep it from drying. Remember to check your hair every 15 minutes to see if it has achieved a pale yellow color. Never leave the bleach on your hair for more than 45 minutes. Wash out the bleach with the purple shampoo, still keeping the dyed parts separate from the non-dyed hair.

  6. Apply the dye on your hair. After air-drying your hair, cover your newly bleached hair with the purple dye from roots to tips. Use different foils if you used them in the bleaching process. Let the purple dye sit in your hair for 30 minutes or per the instructions to let the color set. Rinse the dye and shampoo your hair afterwards.

Now that you know how to dye a purple streak in hair, it will be much easier for you to learn the steps of dyeing all of your hair if ever you decide to do so in the future. Just remember to bleach your hair first if you have dark-colored hair so that the purple dye will appear more vibrant after the dyeing process.


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