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How to Dye Dark Hair with Kool Aid

How to Dye Dark Hair with Kool Aid

Kool Aid is a popular drink for kids, but it can be used as a temporary hair dye, too. This is perfect for people who are not yet ready to color their hair permanently and want to test the waters first. Unlike real hair dyes, Kool Aid does not contain damaging hair chemicals that result in hair breakage. Hence, dyeing your hair with Kool Aid and rinsing it at the end of the day will not harm your tresses at all. For people with dark hair who want to use Kool Aid as a hair dye, keep in mind that this will only result in a subtle tint, unlike the bright colors that people with a lighter hair color can attain. If you want to color your hair for just a day, here are the steps on how to dye dark hair with Kool Aid:

  1. Don some protective garb first. If you do not want to get stained by Kool Aid, put on some disposable gloves so that you do not have to deal with the hassle of trying to remove any stains from your hands. Also, cover your ears and forehead and place an old towel around your shoulders. If there are any areas of your skin that will come in contact with the Kool Aid, apply petroleum jelly to avoid staining.

  2. Empty an unsweetened Kool Aid package into a small bowl. Avoid using the artificially sweetened kinds because they are sticky and irritating. The number of packages you should use depends on the length of the hair that you want to dye and how bright you want the color to be. Typically, short hair will need three packets of Kool Aid, while long and thick hair might need seven or more packets.

  3. Add a few drops of water to the Kool Aid to create a paste. To help the dye permeate your hair more easily, also add a few drops of conditioner and thoroughly mix all the ingredients until you get rid of all the lumps. Remember, the mixture should be lump-free before using.

  4. Dip your gloved hands into the mixture and apply it on the part of your hair that you want to color. If you want to color all your hair, start near the roots and work it down to the tips. Divide your hair into sections to make the process easier for you.

  5. Once you have dyed your hair, wrap your head in a plastic wrap. For long hair, coil it on top of your head to make it easier to wrap. Secure the plastic wrap with tape. This will allow the dye to be absorbed by your hair, and you should leave it on for about six to eight hours. You can sleep on it if you want to, but as an added precautionary measure, wrap your head in an old towel right after wrapping it with plastic to make sure that the wrap does not accidentally come off and stain your sheets.

  6. After six to eight hours, remove the wraps and rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. You may apply conditioner, but avoid using shampoo because the color will wash out. Comb your hair and let it dry. Enjoy your new hair color.

When learning how to dye dark hair with Kool Aid, do not expect your hair to drastically change. The results may be dramatic for those with light hair, but people with dark hair will only change tints. You can try lightening your hair color with lemon or honey prior to this process if you want to sport blue and purple Kool Aid colors. You can also try using Black Cherry or Strawberry Kool Aid to color your hair red without the need for lightening.


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