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How to Earn Easy Frequent Flyer Miles

How to Earn Easy Frequent Flyer Miles

It used to be that frequent flyer miles were earned only by travelers who fly a lot and get miles that correspond to how many miles they flew. Now, however, you can be a member of an airline’s frequent flyer program and earn free miles every time you purchase a ticket. Be sure to enroll in the program before buying the ticket and encode your frequent flyer number when you buy the ticket online. Not all programs allow you to claim miles retroactively. Over the years, people have been offered other ways on how to earn easy frequent flyer miles without having to fly out. These methods are listed below.

  1. Use a miles credit card for your everyday purchases

    It’s common knowledge that credit cards are the most popular way to earn miles. If earning free miles is your priority, and you have the discipline to pay your credit cards on time, a miles credit card would be right for you. Consolidate your other credit cards into one or two cards where all your purchases earn miles when you charge. Sometimes, there are even offers of free miles when you transfer your credit card balance to another company.

    se your credit cards to pay for your utility bills and other expenses. You can maximize the rewards by choosing to charge at local or online stores that offer more miles when you purchase their products or eat at their restaurants. Take note if you need to enter a certain code or create an online account to earn the points.

    For items that you spend on because you need them, you do not have to use your credit card as long as the miles are offered by the companies themselves. This is the case for hotels and rental car companies who are often allied with airlines to provide good deals, including free miles.

  2. Complete marketing questionnaires and surveys

    There are online sites that give free miles when you complete questionnaires and surveys on their site. These surveys are quite easy to answer; you just need to honestly provide information about you and your spending habits. Companies use the surveys to tailor the products they’ll manufacture or to direct their ads to the right market. You won’t need to provide sensitive information such as your Social Security Number. The miles are their way of saying thank you for your time and honest opinion. You can either sign up with the program or be invited. Browse through the mechanics on how you can redeem the miles given to you.

  3. Request a free rate quote

    There are home or car insurance companies that give free miles when you request an insurance quotation from them. Sometimes, there are added miles given should you decide to purchase an auto, home, or renter’s insurance policy from them. Be cautioned that you shouldn’t feel pressured to get a policy from them just because they gave you a free quote and miles.

  4. Sign up for subscriptions

    Some online movie rental companies offer free miles when you sign up with them or get a recurring subscription. If you are the type to rent movies to save on space and money, the lure of free miles might sway you to bring your business to that company. For those who read newspapers and magazines regularly, you can get free miles from subscriptions with airlines or frequent flyer programs who partner with publications. Other subscriptions that may get you miles if you sign up with them are Internet, phone, and cable companies.

  5. Outsource your tax preparation duties

    Whether you file your taxes yourself or have a company do it for you, you might decide to go with a tax preparation company who offers miles in return for your business. Should you decide to avail yourself of these types of offers, make sure that the company has a good reputation. Ask about the type of miles that will be given, as well as the conditions. If their fees are too high and not reasonable, do not hire them, despite the promise of miles.

With the above-mentioned ways on how to earn easy frequent flyer miles, nothing beats free miles given by a friend or relative who is not using them. Ask around and you might get lucky. Note that there might be a fee to give miles, so the person donating should be willing to shoulder them.


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