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How to Eat Cheap and Healthy

How to Eat Cheap and Healthy

Fresh produce is generally a bit more expensive and harder to prepare than processed food, so the temptation to eat the latter is often stronger than our good sense. But you can stick to a healthier diet by keeping certain food groups available in your kitchen. That way, you reduce your cravings for empty calories and slowly develop a taste for healthier options.

  1. Your food choices become part of your lifestyle, so keep in mind the following tips on how to eat cheap and healthyto save on expenses as well as all other costs associated with the consequences of a poor diet.

  2. Get into nonfat yogurt. Nonfat yogurt, especially nonfat Greek yogurt, is a super-nutritious way to eat on the cheap. You can also use nonfat Greek yogurt to make other tasty options like parfaits, dipping sauces, and smoothies, so you're buying one product that does a whole lot for you. Buy larger containers for cheaper, and you can get the most bang for your buck.

  3. Head to the frozen section for some of your vegetables.

    Fresh veggies are great, super tasty, and more often than not, more expensive than their frozen counterparts. Some people assume that frozen vegetables have lost much of their nutritional content, but in reality, some may have a higher nutritional content than fresh vegetables. This is because they are frequently picked and frozen at the height of freshness, whereas fresh vegetables may sit on a truck or in a grocery store warehouse, losing a lot of their nutrients before they even hit your table. Even if you prefer fresh, pick up frozen vegetables to use in stews, soups, pastas, and casseroles, and the savings will help you afford more fresh fruit and vegetables later in the month.

  4. Buy fresh bags of spinach or spinach in bulk. Spinach is loaded with nutrients, and it is very filling. It's a two for one! Use your fresh spinach to make a healthy and filling salad. Toss some spinach into pasta, soups, or stews for added nutrition that is quick and inexpensive. You can also throw spinach into meatballs or hamburger patties for a vegetable kick in your protein.

  5. Eat eggs. Eggs are inexpensive, versatile, and packed with essential protein. Eggs make a great protein on a salad; egg casseroles or frittatas are healthy and fun; and quiches are super-filling dishes that can be loaded with a host of other vegetables and nutritious ingredients. You can also use eggs to make lunch or breakfast sandwiches. If you're making a frittata or quiche, be sure to take it easy on the cheese, or use a low-fat cheese option, as cheese can have a lot of extra calories.

  6. Include canned tuna on your grocery list. Protein sources aren't generally cheap, but canned tuna is. Even better, canned tuna offers the benefit of being a lean protein source. You can also use canned tuna in many different ways, including sandwiches, topping off a salad, or in a casserole.

  7. Buy seasonal. It cannot be emphasized enough how much buying seasonal can save you. Seasonal fruits and vegetables offer you the opportunity to eat a variety of foods and save while you're doing it. During the summer, enjoy grapes and berries, but cut back during the winter when these items can cost a lot more. If you're set on having them year-round, buy extra during the summer and freeze them for the winter. During the winter, stock up on root vegetables that are not only hearty and nutritious, but generally inexpensive. Also remember that items like sweet potatoes, Russet potatoes, and carrots are always in season, and therefore, mostly cheap. Conveniently enough, they're also all healthy and filling.

Adults should also teach kids how to eat cheap and healthy, so they don’t join the ranks of obese children who are at risk for various diseases early in life. By exposing children to healthy eating practices, you help them become conscious of their food choices and well-being as they grow older.


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