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How to Ejaculate to Conceive A Child

How to Ejaculate to Conceive A Child

Many couples have issues conceiving. Though a lot of weight is placed on women's health and how to deal with women’s fertility, men should also participate in increasing the chances for a successful pregnancy. If you and your partner are trying to have a baby, you may consider trying out some tips on how to ejaculate to conceive a child as a lot of other factors affect whether the sperm makes it to the egg.

1. Consider better sexual positions. Though there is no hard science supporting that better sex positions affect the chances of conception, some experts still believe that positions encouraging deeper penetration may increase the odds. The missionary position or a rear-entry position are some able to facilitate deeper penetration and possibly increase chances of the sperm travelling much better into the cervix and ultimately toward the egg.

2. Keep it in. After ejaculation, it may be helpful to wait for a while before withdrawing the penis from the vagina. This may increase the chances of conception by preventing the semen from leaking out of the vagina.

Along with this, it may also be helpful if the woman stays still and avoids standing up for a few minutes. Some believe that this also aids in preventing the ejaculate from leaking out, and they may have a point. It may be better to have gravity work for you than against you. On a related note, the woman may also place a pillow under her hips during or immediately after her partner ejaculates to help direct sperm toward the cervix and fallopian tubes more easily.

3. Get your partner to orgasm too. Though semen carries the sperm into the vagina even without the woman having an orgasm at the same time, some experts recommend that getting a woman to climax simultaneously or right after ejaculation may help. This could be attributed to the numerous vaginal contractions that occur during a woman's orgasm, which may help carry the sperm into the cervix and improve the chances for fertilization.

4. Avoid certain sexual positions. While some sex positions may work in your favor, some may also work against you. Basically, avoid any position that has the woman on top, or sitting or standing upright. This is to increase the chances of sperm reaching the egg. Though a single ejaculation release more than a million sperm cells, only about a thousand make it to the fallopian tubes to meet with the egg. An upright position for the woman will present more difficulty for the sperm cells as they have to swim against gravity.

5. Some extra tips. Aside from the helpful tips above, you and your partner can try other things to increase your chances of conceiving. Some experts suggest that correct timing may help. A man's sperm count is higher in the daytime, specifically from morning to early afternoon, so taking advantage of this can increase your chances too. Also, avoid using commercial lubricants as most are acidic and kill the sperm. If you do need a lubricant, choose a sperm-friendly one, such as Preseed®.

Following these tips on how to ejaculate to conceive along with regular health check-ups and speaking to a fertility specialist will go a long way in helping you and your partner welcome a baby into your lives. Most importantly, always remember that you both should enjoy the journey to conception. Don't do it just for the sake of having a baby. It can also be a great way to connect with one another and build a stronger relationship.


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