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how to end a bad relationship

how to end a bad relationship

Relationships that are simply not working out are already bad. These include unions that involve domestic violence, verbal abuse and infidelity. There are many cases of bad relationships resulting in couples killing each other or other misfortunes. So, if you think that you are in one, explore effective means on how to end a bad relationship – and give yourself a break. Do not linger on worrying about how life is going to be in the future without this person. Instead, think about you and your family’s safety. People with low self-esteem are very afraid to be alone. They are not confident that they can find fulfilment by being independent. This is mostly the reason why they often choose to stick with a damaging relationship. You may not realize this yourself -- not unless you have a support group that can tell you that you’ve been tolerating a partner that brings out the worst in you. Confide with other people and put weight into their advice as well as the following recommendations:

  1. Examine the status of your relationship.

    y to determine the root causes of your unhappiness with your partner. Is this something that you can change? Is love the only reason why you bear with all the troubles? Is the relationship making you do bad things? Make some self-reflections and if you don’t like what you see, do something about it.

  2. List the pros and cons of your relationship. Make sure that you are not just being emotional about the situation. Be logical about it and if there are more negative facts in your list, go to the next step – which is to make a decent conversation with the person involved. In a difficult relationship, good discussions may not be possible, but if you set a calming mood, you may be able to have it. Make it known that you have problems that will require understanding from your partner. Never make accusations.

  3. Don’t get lost during the breaking up process. When you finally have the chance to break it to him or her gently, be serious about it. Prepare to pack your bags if you are living under one roof. If not, refrain from initiating contacts with the ex-partner. If the other end can’t help contacting you for no reason at all, change your contact information. Avoid the things that you used to do or share together.  This will help you adjust to your new life immediately.

  4. Be happy being single. You can’t really find happiness with another person if you can’t find it within you. Don’t isolate yourself in the house. Invite friends or relatives over and keep your social life active. Make new friends and acquaintances. Having a totally different circle of friends can help you heal faster.

  5. Create a new diversion. Join a hobby club with like-minded people or join a group for health and spirituality. Anything that is worth your time will be a good help at this time when you are very vulnerable. Do this regularly during weekends so that you have something to look forward to after the work days. Time heals all wounds, but if you help yourself by living a healthy life, you’ll be moving on in no time.

How to end a bad relationship is a big relief, but if you have an inferiority complex, this might not be easy to accomplish. Always have a friend or confidante beside you. Do not allow yourself to suffer in silence.


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