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how to end a long relationship

how to end a long relationship

Even if the relationship is rocky or unhealthy, it is difficult to bring an end to a long-standing relationship. You have probably become accustomed to the routine of living with that person. It will be a painful loss no matter what. So, how to end a long relationship in a way that minimizes the hurt?  Some will claim that the break-up is a relief, like in the case of a difficult divorce proceeding where practical things have to be dealt with. Despite the eventual positive benefits, there will always be a period where one needs to mourn to get over the loss. Amicable settlements can make the disconnection from each other more manageable. No matter how difficult it is for both parties when the break-up is still fresh, both will eventually heal as time progresses. If you are ending a long relationship, be ready to do the following to avoid complicating the already difficult situation:

  1. Just don’t end a relationship on impulse out of anger and disappointment. Remember that people make mistakes. Take time to evaluate your situation with that person.

    f you are convinced that you are suffering from major damages or on the verge of breaking down, your relationship with that person may not be healthy. Once you are convinced life will be better off without him or her, start to divulge it gradually.

  2. If you are thinking of breaking up a long relationship, there’s obviously a communication problem already. Initiate a diplomatic conversation to talk things out but never as an attempt to patch up things. Be firm in explaining why you are unhappy and never blame your partner. Talk about what’s going on in your head and why you think it’s better to give each other a break.

  3. It’s not advisable to continue the conversation when it turns into a heated argument. The right timing is necessary. When you have clearly discussed with your partner how unhappy you have become, you can proceed to hint that you want to break free. When you have had enough of a bad relationship, you will not care anymore if you are the one to blame – as long as you can put an end to it. This will also help the other person to deal with the guilt if he or she happens to be insensitive to the things that made you unhappy.

  4. Be thankful that your partner has given you the chance to explain – in return, be ready to receive some hurtful accusations and revelations from the other side. This is the time to lower your pride and just be as humble as you can. Apologize even if you feel that it is not your fault. Do not add more blows to make the other person angrier.  Take lending an ear as an opportunity to know yourself better.

  5. It is admirable for ex-lovers to still continue on as friends. This is not always advisable; however, children, business and mutual friends can benefit more if separated couples remain as friends.

Having to learn how to end a long relationship is really a pity, but it is crucial not to linger on the unfortunate happenings. Full acceptance can make everything easier. Be ready to be independent when the other party finally gives-in. There’s no more looking back once your request has been granted.


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