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how to end a relationship nicely

how to end a relationship nicely

Ending a relationship is not a nice thing but doing it nicely will earn you respect. How often do we hear about bizarre break-up stories ranging from a phone call announcing divorce via satellite while on holiday in an icy adventure hub of the North Pole to a mere status change at Facebook? We can easily judge that these men are cowards, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. How to end a relationship nicely is one thing that has to be done at some point in our lives. Here are the basics of a nice break-up:

  1. Address specific conflicts as they happen. People who don’t like confrontations have the tendency to keep quiet until grievances are piled up. A relationship is about communication, and when this fails, everything else will too. When the time comes that you finally have to close this chapter of your life, you may still hurt the person concerned, but at least he or she should see it coming.

  2. If you have the guts to start a relationship in person, you can also end it the same way.

    here is nothing more insulting than to be dumped through text or email messages. This may be acceptable when you have a long distance relationship. However, if you want to be respectful, write a very personal letter with your own handwriting and give it your best shot. This will give you more credit than you can imagine.

  3. Never leave a person hanging. It is not enough that you have expressed your intention of ending the relationship – don’t do or say anything that can create mixed signals. You are only prolonging the pain when you say it’s over but you still love and care for your partner.

  4. Be firm but never vindictive. Losing the affection you once had for that dear person in your life can happen if she or he is really not the one for you. Instead of giving the blame to the partner, make it your own. Refrain from making statements like – “You made my life so boring.” Instead say, “I am not happy with what I’ve accomplished right now and there are many things that I need to concentrate on.”

  5. Do not give hope. Make it clear that you want to be out of the relationship and never intend to go back. Avoid saying: “Perhaps, when we meet again, it will be a different story!” You might want to have a collection of ex-lovers waiting for you to come back just to boost your ego, but being dishonest about this can lead you or the other person into serious trouble, especially when she or he is a hopeless romantic. You may be inviting a passionate stalker or exposing your reputation to be tarnished by the person you made promises to.

How to end a relationship nicely is the last thing you could do to give tribute to the union you once had. Take that chance and go away with dignity.


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