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how to end a relationship on good terms

how to end a relationship on good terms

The adage that says “It started well and it must end well” is very ideal. However, there are a number of relationships that end traumatically. Couples even find it difficult to become friends after a break up. Many have asked if there is a way on how to end a relationship on good terms wherein the parties directly involved have the chance to professionally relate with each other. The answer is yes. Ending a love affair on good terms requires the highest level of professionalism between partners. It must be coupled with open-mindedness and humility. Keep in mind that ending a relationship on good terms is not the general rule, but rather the exception. Therefore, you have to follow unique rules on how to do it. The following rules will help you put an end to your relationship on a high note.

  1. Clearly state your points. Bring up the issues concerning the break up in a healthy atmosphere, not during heated arguments. If anger stands in the way, it will only worsen the situation. To avoid total heartbreak, don’t make your break up declaration during a significant event like a birthday or anniversary.

    en you start talking, raise the issue of the break up directly. Preferably, make the announcement personal.

  2. Be honest. Truthfully mention what you really feel about the relationship. Even if your relationship is not working anymore, that does not give you a valid excuse to hide anything from your partner. Both of you deserve to know relevant facts about the relationship right from each other. By being honest, the element of suspicion or speculation can be mitigated, which, in return, could lead to a better ending.

  3. Avoid the “who’s to blame” argument. Remember that you are asking for a break up, and not to win an argument. Don’t use past disappointments to blame your partner. At most, there should be no room for blaming. If you start blaming, the ending will not be on good terms, but full of anger.

  4. Be thankful to your partner. It is not hard to say “Thank you for everything.” Even if love is no longer there, there are still plenty of reasons for you to be thankful to your partner. You can choose to cherish the good memories you have shared as a couple. Tell your partner that you appreciated everything.

  5. Offer friendship. After all, you have been through a lot together. If you offer friendship, that means you need to keep your relation civilly. Make sure that the offer does not mean bait for future reconciliation. However, don’t be upset if the other person does not accept your proposal. The most important thing is you have offered a kind gesture and have taken the right move.

  6. Expect negative reactions. Your unsuspecting partner will likely release negative reactions. He or she may even insist that everything will be alright.  Whatever the reactions are, good or bad, don’t get affected. Stay firm and decided.

  7. Simply walk away. To avoid further confusion and the possibility of mending things, you should walk away and strongly stand with your decision. Don’t make moves that would rekindle the memories of the past. Constant dealings with each other can give rise to false hopes. After breaking up, keep your distance so that both of you can have space to recover.

Admittedly, these ways on how to end a relationship on good terms are easier said than done. You must have courage and strong determination. After all, you cannot live in a world of lies and false expectations. Sometimes, quitting can mean winning. Ending an unproductive relationship on good terms is a challenge that you must face.


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