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how to end a relationship with someone you love

how to end a relationship with someone you love

There’s no denying that you are still in love, but the relationship must end to rescue your well-being from deteriorating. The partner may be abusive or a habitual cheater, and you have to deal with your own problem with depression before you can manage to confront the other party. How to end a relationship with someone you love is bizarre but at some point, it must be done. Consider the following before you lose it:

  1. When you are at your lowest, do not try to decide what or who to blame with regards to your unhappiness in your relationship. Pay attention first to your emotional, mental and physical health. Often times, it’s not what the other party is doing or not doing, but the rocky union may be due to incompatibility issues.

  2. When you are very convinced that it’s time to end the relationship, do not say or do anything that you know will hurt the other party. Even if they are true, refrain from going through the details because they can trigger a big fight.

  3. Make it known to the other party the reasons for your withdrawal from the commitment.

    swer with information involving yourself. Avoid placing blame. Showing respect at this stage will soften the person concerned. Never criticise the person you love or once loved at this point.

  4. It is a fact that breaking up is hard to do, especially when the other party has the tendency to flare up even in public. If you can’t bare the possible humiliation, and do not want to deal with the person face to face, write a very detailed letter so that you won’t owe the person an explanation. Show that you have full respect for the relationship you once had by not resorting to too convenient means of communication – like text messages.

  5. Try to be forgiving when the person strikes back at you. People have the tendency to seek revenge. You will surely get hurt also when personal matters are brought out into the open. Know that this will soon die down if you ignore it. Never mind getting hurt as long as you become free from the person you’re unhappy with.

  6. It is tempting to seek the presence of an ex-partner after being separated for a while. Resist this temptation when you are at your most vulnerable state. Focus your attention on something else and learn to live alone. There’s no other way of properly splitting up from a lover but by doing it in a clear-cut manner. You might be giving false hope to the other party, indicating that you want to get back together. This will just worsen the situation.

How to end a relationship with someone you love is a real challenge. You can’t make each step to break free without hurting yourself also. Nevertheless, there are painful things that need to be done bravely – to give each other the chance to be happy with paths. Remember that good chemistry counts a lot in having a healthy relationship. If you don’t have it - don’t regret letting your partner go.


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