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how to end a toxic relationship

how to end a toxic relationship

A toxic relationship can lead to harm and abuse, whether physical or emotional, if not handled properly. It is normally characterized by utter disrespect and a lack of sensibility. It destroys peace of mind and causes emotional pain. A toxic love affair can affect not just the lovers involved, but the neighbors, office mates, and co-workers as well. Fortunately, there are better ways on how to end a toxic relationship. In the name of love, partners may just initially shrug off their problems. They tend to deny the real state of their relationship, hoping that their issues can be fixed. However, when things become undesirable and wrinkles can no longer be ironed out, you must be prepared to put a stop to everything. The following points are important in your attempt to end a toxic relationship.

  1. Know the signs of a toxic love affair. There are so many indications of a toxic relationship. Being unhappy with your partner is the most noticeable sign. If you are treated with disrespect and too much insensitivity, there is no reason for you to stay.

    You have the right to be happy and live a life on your own.

  2. Admit the situation. You cannot move a single step forward unless you admit that you are in a toxic relationship. Denial is the most common defense among couples. Lovers tend to believe that everything is alright. Surviving the trials is well and good, but when problems persist, you must know how to quit. Sometimes, giving up is the best choice, rather than staying in an affair that is no longer healthy.

  3. Consider your personal welfare. If you think of your personal welfare, it does not mean you are selfish. Understand that only you can love yourself best. A relationship is neither a one-way street nor just a give or take. There must be harmony and balance that benefits both partners.

  4. Seek help. Not all of your friends will help you out. Common friends must be avoided because they might be fed wrongful information, which will work against your advantage. Therefore, choose the kind of friends that can be trusted to help you make the right decision. Find refuge in your family.

  5. Have a final talk together. This is the step that will bring you closer to your goal to end a toxic relationship. The final talk must be pleasant and wholesome. Go immediately to the point that the relationship must come to an end. Opening statements that are totally irrelevant -- just to appease your partner -- won’t really help. Remember, the end starts with your final talk.

  6. Avoid any chance of conversation. Once you have decided to quit, observe distance for some time. Most people only realize their mistakes when the person they mistreated and disrespected is finally gone. If he or she attempts to beg, don’t be trapped. Be firm with your decision. It is a matter of leaving without looking back.

  7. Reaffirm your decision every day. You need to remind yourself every day of the decision you made. Believe that your decision was the best choice you have ever made. Start a new life, find new friends, improve yourself, and excel in everything that you do. In other words, strive harder to bring out the best in you.

Ending a toxic relationship is easier said than done. However, self-preservation should outweigh an abusive and insensitive relationship. Sometimes, you have to quit so you can win. The key points discussed above on how to end a toxic relationship can help you escape from potential harm.


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