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How to Engage Customers

How to Engage Customers

Before you can produce large product sales, you must engage your customers. It is a way of establishing your customers’ trust in your service or product. Needless to say, it will help you bag potential sales. The question now is how to engage customers in order to increase your sales. Here are some ways to do so:

  1. Be courteous. Whether you are communicating with your customer in the flesh, via cell phone, or Skype, you have to remember that courtesy is vital to engaging your customers. A friendly greeting will help make your customer feel appreciated and comfortable when talking with you. When you start a conversation with a customer, you should focus your whole attention on listening to them so that they feel important and valued. This should still be your policy even if the customer says negative things about your company.

  2. Ask questions. If you really want to know what your customers need, then you have to start asking questions. Avoid yes or no questions and ask open-ended ones in order to deduce the reason why your customer is talking to you.

    In addition, avoid countering your customers’ points since this may only heat into an argument and produce frustrating results. Asking questions also lets your customers know that you are genuinely interested in their concerns.

  3. Be honest with your customers. One of the reasons why a conversation between a company and a customer does not end well is because the company has promised more than it can deliver, thus resulting in customer dissatisfaction. The best way out of this conundrum is being honest. If there are problems with your products, tell your customer upfront. Not all customers would probably react positively, but this is the best that you can do in order to at least redeem your company’s name to that customer and hopefully still make them want to engage with you in business.

  4. Encourage customer participation. A lot of successful projects have banked on customers co-creating or co-designing a product. This can help you develop a stronger relationship with your customers since you are allowing them to have direct input in the company and its projects. Just make sure that you are transparent in what you are offering your customers in return so that they benefit from their input. Always reward their input so that they are loyal and support you.

  5. Educate your customers. By offering your customers relevant and practical information that can benefit them, you can catch their attention and engage with them. You might also get more customers because this information can be passed on to others. You could even compile all the information onto a blog geared toward your target customers.

  6. Solve problems with your customers. You might want to enlist your customers’ help in problem-solving whenever applicable. After all, they can offer you a lot of suggestions and advice. Just make sure that the problem you are going to pitch should also be a concern for your customers so that you can both work on the problem together. For instance, if your business is approaching its first anniversary, you can enlist your customers’ help in coming up with ideas on how to raise funds for it. Offer great rewards to those who participate and the one who comes up with the winning idea.

Knowing how to engage customers is an important asset to every business. Remember that without your customers, your business is nothing, so make sure that you always prioritize customer satisfaction.


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