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How to Enlarge Breasts with Natural Herbs

How to Enlarge Breasts with Natural Herbs

You can always use a little more boost in the chest department. It makes you look more attractive, even when wearing T-shirts, and it rounds out and adds symmetry to your womanly figure. If you want to find breast enhancement alternatives that do not involve surgery or astronomical expenses, why don't you try these tips on how to enlarge breasts with natural herbs? The following steps may help you get the boost you want.

  1. Although no scientific study has yet approved the efficacy of herb-based bust enhancing supplements, some trials have shown that they can bring about physical changes that may be favorable to those wanting bigger breasts. The key lies in estrogen production, as this female hormone is largely responsible for increased breast size. Therefore, it's wise to eat food and herbs that can boost estrogen levels in the body. However, you may need to consult a doctor first to avoid health complications and hormonal imbalances, especially if you have a health condition.

  2. Fenugreek has been called an “all-time favorite breast-enlarging herb” due to the fact that it contains diosgenin, an estrogenic compound.

    lthough fenugreek has been commonly consumed in its seed form, herbalist James Duke Ph.D. recommended eating it in sprout form. That's because fenugreek sprouts are said to contain more diosgenin than the seeds.

  3. Fennel seed is also another suitable option, as it is also estrogenic. People have used it to boost bust size and prevent bloating, cramps, and other symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

  4. Wild yam stimulates hormone production, including estrogen. Thus, it is a typical breast enlargement supplement. It has plant-based estrogens or phytoestrogens, which help the body retain fluids and trigger breast tissue growth.

  5. Red clover has been touted as an anti-cancer herb, and it’s said to be useful in treating many other health conditions, such as asthma, cough, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), hypertension, and bronchitis. However, no clear scientific evidence has been able to prove its effectiveness in treating the said diseases and illnesses. However, it has been found to contain “isoflavones,” which then converts into “phytoestrogens” in the body and thereby has an estrogenic effect. One of these effects include breast enlargement, making it a viable supplement for increasing cup size. Red clover has genistein, which binds to estradiol receptors associated to breast tissue development.

  6. Some other sources advising you on how to enlarge breasts with natural herbs may saw palmetto, dandelion root, passion flower, dong quai, blessed thistle, black cohosh, and chaste tree berry as bust-enlarging herbs. However, based on some studies, these herbs are not estrogenic, which means they do not promote breast tissue development. Instead, some of them may relieve PMS symptoms and may even be diuretic, which means they can prevent the body from retaining fluid. As you know, fluid retention contributes to a bigger bust and herbs that drain your body of fluids may not be the answer you are looking for.

You can take in fenugreek, fennel seed, red clover, and wild yam in various forms. There are ointments, powders, capsules, or teas made with one of these ingredients that you can try to enhance your cup size. However, they are best ingested in their original herb form, as you may get other health benefits on top of the estrogenic effect when you eat any of these herbs. As always, take them in moderation and avoid high doses.


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