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How to Enlarge Your Breasts

How to Enlarge Your Breasts

American society values bigger breasts over average and small ones. Many women do not feel they have big enough breasts. If you want a bigger bosom, here are some tips on how to enlarge your breasts.  

  1. Gain a little weight

    Breasts are mostly composed of fat. So if you are very skinny, you might get bigger breasts if you gain a little weight. The risk with this is that it can be a slippery slope and result in a lot of weight gain. Also, not everyone gains weight in the chest area. Some put on weight on undesirable places like the stomach or the thighs. For people who are underweight, this is a viable option.

  2. Try herbal supplements

    There are several herbal supplements that stimulate breast growth. This is done by making sure that the body has enough levels of the female hormone estrogen. The most popular herbal supplement, fenugreek, is taken by pregnant women who have difficulty producing milk and by women undergoing menopause.

    Nursing mothers drink saw palmetto, which has a delightful side effect of increasing the growth of new breast tissue. Another herb called Dong Quai has been shown to balance hormones in the body, a side effect of which is breast enlargement. For those who are suffering from an imbalance of hormones, an effective herbal supplement reduces symptoms, including weight gain, lethargy, panic attacks, and headaches. It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor if you are taking other medication. It is also best if you choose just one herb and consume a high-quality capsule or tea version of it.

  3. Consume amino acids

    The growth of humans slows down at the age of 25. This is unfortunate because breast enlargement requires growth hormones. Amino acids are said to be the building blocks of protein, which in turn encourages growth. This way, amino acids can help kick-start the body to grow again. The top three amino acids for breast growth are glutamine, lysine, and arginine. If you incorporate them into your diet, you will have a higher change of getting bigger breasts. In addition, amino acids also help burn fat and slow down aging. Amino acids are a triple threat on your side!

  4. Try birth control pills

    Birth control pills are recommended not just for birth control but also to regulate hormones and menstrual periods. The effects of the contraceptive are different depending on the users, so monitor the effects on your breasts. Some users have reported that the increase in boob size stops when you stop taking the pill.

The non-invasive procedures listed above on how to enlarge your breasts may not produce the results you want in terms of size and quickness. If the size of your breasts gives you anxiety and you have the money and are willing to risk the possible complications of a medical procedure, you can undergo a breast augmentation procedure. Think about it carefully and make sure that you are fully informed about the procedure. It is a common procedure, but the results vary.


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