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how to estimate roof shingles

how to estimate roof shingles

In engineering design and construction, costs and estimates are very important. A good building official is supposed to know the approximate units of materials needed to complete a specific civil engineering task, not to mention the estimated project cost. For instance, he may be expected to know how to estimate roof shingles along with the corresponding amount needed to complete a particular roofing job. Knowing such information at the onset can save much of your time, money, and energy. To make an estimate, you need a ladder, a tape measure, pen, paper, and a calculator to make the computation fast and easy. A good estimate ensures you can complete a roofing job without wasting roof shingles. Follow these tips to help you.

  1. Make your roof framing plan. The plan will allow you to make an estimate as to how many roof shingles are needed to cover the entire roof area. Ultimately, you can also tell how much money you will need to fund the project.

  2. Check the roof.

    If you are doing a major or just a sectional repair on a roof and the blueprints of the roof framing plan are no longer available, it is necessary for you to climb onto the roof for an accurate estimate. Climb up a ladder to access the roof.

  3. Take measurements and calculate. After measuring the width and length, write down the data in a notebook. Multiply these two numbers to get the area in square feet. Divide the area by the area of the replacement roof shingle to estimate how many squares are needed.

Finding the total area to be covered to necessary to estimate how many shingles will be needed.  For triangular sections of the roof, multiply the length and height and then divide by two to get the area. Round up when you estimate the necessary amount of shingles. Roof shingles consist of individualized overlapping materials, usually flat surfaces in rectangular shapes. Most roof shingles are made of different material like slate, wood, composite or ceramic, asbestos cement, and bitumen-soaked paper. There used to be a higher production of paper-based asphalt and wood-based roof shingles, but these types are now unpopular as they are not fire-resistant. Now, fiberglass-based asphalt roof shingles are often used. In some countries, roof shingles have different measurement in terms of length, width, and thickness. Whatever may be the size of the roof shingles, the steps to estimate the necessary amount remain the same. Before hitting any hardware store or home improvement store, it is best to have an earlier computation or estimate as to how many bundles of roofing shingles are needed. Make use of the steps discussed above on how to estimate roof shingles so you don’t waste time or money.  


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