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how to exercise face muscles

how to exercise face muscles

As we age, we sometimes find surprises waiting for us in the mirror. Suddenly eyes become droopy. What used to be a single chin now becomes double. Jowls sagging and bags getting bigger on top of the wrinkles and other lines – mere indications of aging! Do you ever wonder how to exercise face muscles to get rid of these problems? While surgical procedures can come to mind quite easily if you have the money, plastic surgeries do not stop the aging process. Surgery would require endless follow-up procedures. On the other hand, when you exercise face muscles, they become stronger and the skin will be toned. The good news is you can do these exercises at home without unnecessary expenses. Facial exercises involve voluntarily contracting facial muscles and employing resistance or using thumbs and fingers. Read on to learn more.

  1. Pin-point the elongated part of your face and exercise it specifically. The muscles in the face will be elongated about half an inch at age of 55. Atrophy of the muscles and gravity are responsible for this.

    Talking, singing or laughing will not exercise facial muscles. They must be deliberately moved to plump them up. If your cheek bones are sagging even when you smile, raise them up by contracting repeatedly or push up lightly with the use of your fingers.

  2. Eliminate the half-inch addition to the length of your forehead, under the chin and jaw line by moving each area specifically, turning to the left as far as you can and then reversing to the right. This will look very awkward but these will stop jowls from forming. You can tell it is working because you will feel slight pain, just like with normal exercise. Just don’t give up at the slightest discomfort. No pain, no gain - remember?

  3. Sculpt and contour your face by massaging the affected area lightly with uniformed circular motions. This can diminish lines along the foreheads, around the eyes and the laugh lines. Also, perform upward motions from the base of your neck up towards the chin. Slightly raise your chin up while doing this. These are simple steps, but you will be amazed with the results as you witness your face gradually returning to a youthful appearance. It’s like turning back time.

  4. Track your progress by taking photos before you do facial exercises. In addition, document the specific exercise that you are doing for each areas of the face. Your friends will notice. They will be intrigued with what you've done to your face. Let the facial exercise album do the explaining for you.

After learning how to exercise face muscles, you will notice how smooth and refreshed your skin looks. Expect to have a glowing face from increased oxygenation to the muscles. Watch the sagging and droopy muscles disappear as you look into the mirror. You’ll be proud that you were able to cut 10 or more years from your aging looks without going under the knife. Take this one step at a time, because it is highly addictive when you finally see all the positive results.


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