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How to Fade a Tattoo Naturally

How to Fade a Tattoo Naturally

When you do not like your tattoo anymore and you would like to cover it up or have it removed, you might want to consider encouraging it to fade naturally. Tattoo removal procedures are costly and painful, and a faded tattoo may be less expensive and less painful to remove than one that is still vividly-colored. For example, most beauty clinics charge per pulse when removing a tattoo through Intense Pulsed Light Therapy; a faded tattoo will definitely need fewer pulses. When you have the patience and time to wait for the tattoo to fade, here are ways for how to fade a tattoo naturally.

  1. Use skin lighteners

    When considering fading a tattoo, an obvious choice would be to use products that lighten the skin, and hopefully, the tattoo. Lime juice, lemon juice, glycolic acid, and hydrogen peroxide work to help bleach or lighten the skin. You can mix the items together or rub each of them separately on your tattoo faithfully every day. If you have sensitive skin, first try them on a small area to make sure you won’t have any allergic reactions.

    You may not be allergic to each item, but you may get rashes when they’re combined. You can also add sea salt to the mix. Note that sea salt may make the process painful, so be careful in rubbing the mixture on your skin.

    There are tattoo bleaching lotions and creams that can be purchased on the market. Unfortunately, reviews are mixed about them because they do not give desired results to all users. Some users are satisfied with the tattoo fading that results from constant application, while others’ tattoos do not fade at all. Some users are also worried about the harsh chemicals that may cause adverse effects to one’s health. There are claims that the ingredients in these creams can cause skin scarring and hyperpigmentation. Given that these products are expensive and if you are willing to accept slow fading results, do your research before buying any of these products.

  2. Expose yourself

    Expose yourself to the sun, that is. While tanning in a tanning salon may help hide the tattoo similar to the effects of concealer, it will not make the tattoo fade. Natural sunlight can help to lighten the tint of the tattoo. You may hear that some people advocate getting sunburned because it results in skin peeling, however, this is not recommended due to the risk of skin cancer. Don’t forget to wear appropriate sunscreen.

  3. Exfoliate

    A similar train of thought when it comes to do-it-yourself tattoo removal is to remove the layers of skin that the tattoo is on. Here’s a recipe for a homemade exfoliator: combine equal proportions of aloe vera, apricot scrub, and Vitamin C. Massage the mixture on the tattoo in a circular motion. Let the mixture stay on the skin for several minutes, and then rinse with cold water. Repeat two or three times a day for four weeks.

    Similar to exfoliators, abrasives can also be used, but you have to be careful because some tattoos are on areas that are sensitive and cannot handle abrasives. Mix a little quality sanding powder (a pinch or two) with aloe vera gel. Place the mixture on the tattooed area and rub lightly with a pumice stone. Do this two to three times every day for three to four weeks.

Remember that these tips on how to fade a tattoo naturally require patience, endurance, and time. The effectiveness of these methods is dependent on the size of the tattoo and the intensity of its color or colors. Don’t forget to moisturize the tattooed area because most of these methods result in dry skin. When it is too sensitive, let the skin heal before repeating a method.


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