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how to feather your hair

how to feather your hair

Curls, bangs, tips, and the ends of your hair can be feathered to look fuller. There are variations that have been popularized during different eras. The fuller curls were very notable during the 80’s which were more of the authentic types. Nowadays, fabricated feathered hair can just be  easily attached using some hair tools made especially for this purpose. How to feather your hair depends on your own preferences, but here are some tips to do the original, popular version:

  1. Hairdressers   use point-cutting techniques to soften the edges of your haircut. This is to allow the ends to be more flexible to form lustrous, feather-like curls. This will be appropriate for a special makeover when attending special functions. Curling devices will not be a problem in salons, but you must allocate enough time for the process if you’re styling your hair on your own. Since the curls made are not permanent, expect numerous strong-hold hairsprays to be applied to be able to retain the look longer.

  2. Make your hair fuller by feathering it using self-made curls.

    do not have to go to the salon to feather your hair for that signature look you want to wear on a regular basis. You can purchase hair tools such as a curling brush large and round enough to make the desired curls. You can also flip them in a direction where it’s more alluring for you. You should wind the hair at least one and one-half times around the appliance to make a perfect flip at the ends.

  3. Blow-dry freshly washed hair with shampoo and conditioner using a styling brush that can be curled as you brush the hair portion by portion starting from the back. Only comb a fair amount of hair that can be easily managed by the brush. Make sure to get rid of the tangles first before attempting to curl a thin group of strands. You can form barrel-style curls if you are into flamboyant-looking hair.

  4. Organize uniformed feathers with curls by using curling irons or hot rollers. They must be arranged vertically on the head in layers. You can go directly to this step after drying the hair if you do not want the hassle of pre-curling your hair using the curling brush and the hairdryer. You can get the best results if you can double the rolling to form the curls.

  5. Do not brush or comb the hair thoroughly after the curling process. Arrange them using only your fingers or a vent brush to give it a more natural wave. Gently press with your fingers directly on the curls to enhance them, and lightly run your fingers through the hanging curls with an open palm facing the neck to relax them a bit.

  6. Preserve your set of feathery hair by applying a generous amount of hairspray. This should be able to last until the end of the day if you are running around with it. Check your hairdo once in a while to prevent premature straightening of your curls. You may have to re-spray them before they are totally out of their loops.

If you think that these fashionable curls are too delicate to maintain, there are other ways how to feather your hair. Shop for stylish feathers and get the appropriate hair tools. Learn the basics of attaching them, and you can change your hairstyle as often as you please. Your feathers will not be limited to curls and flips only, but you can also have some temporary highlights, braided strands, or just straight hair to make yours fuller. Remember that ever since hair feathers existed, they were never exclusive to females only. They are unisex.


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