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How to Feed Goldfish

How to Feed Goldfish

One of the most seemingly favorite aquarium fishes is the goldfish as it is able to survive in any living condition, such as an outdoor pond or an aquarium inside the home. Goldfishes come in different colors and breeds, yet they share the same general features and needs. It is quite easy to acquire a goldfish from the pet shop because it is inexpensive and readily available. Your aquarium or pond needs to be kept clean while in the process of learning how to feed goldfish. The fish has very specific requirements that need to be addressed properly. Here are a few tips on how you can accomplish that:

  1. Create a well balanced meal for the goldfish. Sure your local pet shop will carry products of dried fish pellets and flakes, and there is nothing wrong with feeding your goldfish with these. However, pellets and flakes do not contain all the minerals and vitamins that your pet needs. It is best that you fill your aquarium with edible underwater plants as the goldfish delights on feeding on their roots and leaves and algae. It will also feed on insects and larvae; yet, even this does not suffice for well-balanced nutrition.

  2. The goldfish need to be fed with food that is rich in fiber and it is also a requirement for them to have fresh vegetables and fruit intake. You can give them cooked and thinly sliced vegetable variations, such as carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, beans and peas, to help digestion. Give them fruits, such as grapes and oranges, for vitamin C. See to it that these vegetables are small and thin so they will not have problems with digesting them.

  3. Prepare the all-time favorite snacks of the fish. Adequate amounts of food that is rich in protein must be given to the goldfish only for snacking purposes. You may feed the goldfish some fresh food such as mosquito larvae, fresh shrimp or daphnia on these occasions.

  4. Avoid overfeeding your goldfish. Feeding the fishes may be fun and relaxing, however, you have to realize that when you overfeed your goldfish, you are causing it harm. Remember that the goldfish does not have a stomach to store the food that you feed it. It only carries with it intestines, which helps in the digestion. Whatever you feed it in excess will only end up floating into the water, which will cause even more damage.

  5. Know the appropriate feeding time. The goldfish will seize every opportunity that it is given to eat. It will grab whatever food is served for him at any given time. This case may lead to overfeeding, which should not be done. Starving the goldfish once in a while will not kill him, so you do not need to worry about feeding him less.

All you need to do is get a pinch of food each day and give this to the goldfish. Whatever amount of food he consumes will be good enough for him. Vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, must be given every two days for a complete diet. You need to be equipped with the basic knowledge of your goldfish, including how to feed goldfish. Do not let common misconceptions lead you into harming your goldfish, rather apply only what is needed and your pet will live a more vibrant life.


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